Salesforce DX made simple — Gearset: The complete DevOps solution

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In this video, we’ll show you how to create a scratch org, as well as how to deploy metadata and data to your new org.

Creating a new scratch org

Step 1: Select scratch org as the target of your deployment on the compare and deploy page. Give the org a name, choose the kind of scratch org and org duration.

Step 2: If you want to access the full range of control options, instead press Additional creation options. Here you can select a variety of settings, including uploading a definition file which will populate the page fields for you automatically.

Deploying metadata to a scratch org

Step 1: Select your source and target scratch org, as well as the metadata filter you want to use for the deployments.

Step 2: Gearset will show all differences between the metadata between the source and target, as well as the relationships between that metadata — select the items you want to deploy.

Step 3: Once your deployment package is built, Gearset runs problem analysis on the package and suggests fixes for any issues detected in the package.

Step 4: Give the deployment a name and notes and associate any relevant issue tracking tickets before pressing Deploy now.

Deploying data to a scratch org

Step 1: Select your source and target for the deployment to begin the deployment.

Step 2: Specify which objects you want to deploy data for and apply filters if you’re looking to deploy specific data to the org.

Step 3: Choose how you want Gearset to deploy the data, either creating the data as new, upserting or updating.

Step 4: Select which fields you want to mask, if you need to anonymise data being deployed to the scratch org.

Step 5: Press Deploy now.

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