The Three Levels of Successful DevOps in a Salesforce DX environment

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The biggest enemy to successfully implementing DevOps is the propensity to violate the newly established processes. When you start automating the deployment process in Salesforce, one challenge becomes more evident with the larger organizations and their code bases. Automating deployments means making the source control the source of truth. By extension, and for the original Salesforce format, that means storing and deploying the entire code base. The monolithic code base is affectionately known as “the happy soup.” Salesforce DX (packaged-based development) enables you to break down a monolithic code base into much smaller, more atomic packages of code that only have to be validated once (for compilation and code coverage) and can be deployed in minutes. PBD enables a fix in a development environment and to be promoted to QA in a matter of minutes. The Three Pillars - people, processes, and implementation (Tool) create a complete DevOps solution and enable Salesforce DX development teams to function at the highest levels. Join this session to learn the best practices and some stories from the trenches.