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Boost collaboration with version control for Salesforce

Commit metadata to Git and deploy to your orgs with Gearset’s version control integrations

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Easily deploy between Salesforce and Git

Build a seamless Salesforce DevOps process with full version control integration.

  • Connect to any Git-based repository including both cloud-based and on-premises providers
  • Commit and push changes between Salesforce orgs and Git-based repos with just a few clicks
  • Full support for Salesforce DX format

Compare orgs and branches to see the exact metadata differences

Get full visibility and control of the changes you need to commit or deploy.

  • See changes between source and target side-by-side, plus dependencies, reordered XML, moved metadata, CPQ objects and more
  • Choose individual elements within the metadata or specific lines of XML to deploy with precision deployments
  • Automatically detect and solve deployment issues before you commit anything to Git with Gearset’s problem analyzers

Work as a development team like never before

Increase teamwork and bridge the gap between admins and developers.

  • Boost collaboration across the whole team with a UI that delights both command-line and declarative users
  • Easily create new branches from within Gearset to avoid overwriting each other’s work

End-to-end management of your development process

Enhance your release management with unique visibility and automation.

  • Visualize the deployment flow for your entire team with Pipelines
  • Integrate your preferred version control provider and promote changes through your environments quickly and successfully, without ever leaving Gearset
  • Create a CI/CD pipeline with changes automatically deployed to your orgs, as well as to PRs opened against other environments

Avoid unnecessary merge conflicts

Reduce the time and effort spent manually resolving merge conflicts.

  • Reduce the frequency of merge conflicts thanks to Gearset’s semantic merge algorithm
  • Resolve conflicts in just a few clicks with Gearset’s side-by-side comparison UI

Free whitepaper: Version control for Salesforce

Download our free whitepaper to learn all about version control and best practices for implementing Git-based release management.

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Salesforce DX

SFDX is changing the way developers build on the Salesforce platform. Do you have all the tools you need to adopt modern DevOps for your whole team?

What is Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX is a series of tools, features and APIs to make it easier for Salesforce teams to adopt modern DevOps. It encourages developers to adopt best practices already common on other platforms and software development stacks, like using version control, and automating more parts of the release process. To learn more about the features that make DX so powerful, download our whitepaper, Adopting Salesforce DX.

Complete integrations — Gearset works with your existing tech stack

Easily commit your changes to any Git-based version control system, and then deploy from Git to Salesforce, all from within Gearset’s user-friendly interface.

Version control FAQs

Version control has a range of benefits over in-org development which makes it a great choice for small and large development teams alike. Read more in our Version Control for Salesforce whitepaper.

Some argue that ‘source control’ is specifically about source code, while ‘version control’ is a more general term that applies to any set of files.

Yes. Check out our resources, on creating a CI/CD pipeline and automating your release processes.

Yes. Gearset allows you to deploy CPQ as easily as metadata. This includes deployments between Salesforce orgs and your Git based repository. Use source control to track all of your CPQ configuration changes, including Advanced Approvals and Billing.