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Data management FAQs

Absolutely. With Gearset, you can migrate and deploy Salesforce data and CPQ or Vlocity configuration between any of your connected orgs.

Gearset enables you to deploy up to 100,000 records between two Salesforce orgs in a single deployment. But bulk loading data from a file such as a CSV isn’t supported. If you’re looking to import Salesforce data from a file, there are native Salesforce data deployment tools available (such as Data Loader, Salesforce DX Data Move Utility and the CLI).

Org data for sandbox seeding purposes is never permanently stored by Gearset, but it does pass through our servers to allow us to run data deployments. After a data deployment completes, the data is automatically disposed of by the service. As with metadata, it is encrypted at all times when in transit or at rest. Learn more on our security page.

When creating a Gearset account, users choose a data storage location — either the US, Canada, EU or Australia. All user data, including metadata and any organization data is then handled solely by an AWS data center in the relevant region — either Oregon (US West 2), Canada (CA Central 1), Ireland (EU West 1) or Australia (AP Southeast 2). This includes any backups taken as part of our disaster recovery program.

Gearset is a UK company, and we have our headquarters in Cambridge, UK. We don’t outsource any of our development — all of which is handled in-house by our expert team in the UK. Support is provided by our expert teams in the UK and US.

For more information on our security standards see our security page.

Yes. Data governance policies often mean personal data can’t leave the production environment — Gearset’s data masking obfuscates your data during sandbox seeding, so you have representative data in your testing environment without compromising data privacy.

If there are data deployments you need to do regularly or repeat to multiple different orgs, you can save data deployment templates to easily replicate the deployment setup. So you can run the same deployment to a different org in just a few clicks.

Yes. Gearset automatically keeps a full audit trail of your data deployment history in the app. This gives you details of who ran the deployment and when, as well as the source and target orgs. Download a file of which records were deployed successfully and which weren’t.

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