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Salesforce CI/CD with clicks not code

Are different tools making collaboration a challenge for your devs and admins? Bring everyone together with Gearset — a single command center for your release process and automated deployments.

Build a CI/CD pipeline using a drag-and-drop interface. Integrate your version control system and track every change. See the status of all your environments at a glance.

Automation that works out of the box

Building and maintaining a CI/CD process for Salesforce using generic DevOps tools sinks way more time and effort than most development teams expect. Creating a release pipeline in Gearset is intuitive and needs no dedicated resource to maintain.

Define your pipeline

Create a Salesforce release pipeline that matches your sandbox strategy, connecting multiple environments effortlessly.

Keep everything in sync

Back propagate and promote changes in a few clicks — Gearset automatically opens PRs to adjacent environments for you.

Control what’s deployed

Decide whether new, changed, and deleted items are deployed automatically. Filter for metadata types, managed packages, and Vlocity DataPacks.

Increase productivity

Roll out best-practice branch management and streamline releases by creating branches based on user stories in Jira or other ticketing tools.

We’ve heard of competitors where the ramp up is 6 months. With Gearset’s automation solutions, it only took a week or two to set everything up, and about a month to get really comfortable with it.”

Dan Pieterson

Software Engineer, Intercom


Integrates with your existing tech stack

No need to make changes to your tried and tested workflow. Gearset integrates with all major Git hosting providers, project tracking software, testing tools and messaging platforms.

Continuous delivery without interruption

First-class support as standard

Each Gearset license comes with dedicated customer support as standard. Talk to a real Salesforce DevOps expert whenever you need help, all from within the app.

Customer happiness
Support response time

Create a resilient, auditable release process

Simplify reporting and auditing

Get notifications where you need them and a full history of all automated jobs. Use Gearset’s APIs for reporting, auditing and other automated services.

Automate testing and analysis

Catch any test failures in your production code, quickly debug with stack traces, and track code coverage. Improve code quality with configurable static code analysis.

Monitor your orgs

Monitor for changes made directly in production, then decide whether to remove them or sync them back to your version control system.

Collaborate securely

Create team-owned pipelines. Delegate permissions. Give everyone the access levels they need without compromising on control and security.

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Automation FAQs

CI jobs can be triggered by commits to version control via webhooks or scheduled to run on a set cadence.

With Gearset’s Salesforce continuous integration solution, you can choose any combination of Salesforce org or Git repository as either the source or target of your metadata.

With Gearset you won’t be dependent on DX commands in scripts — it handles all the automation for you. Gearset does support DX format and scratch orgs. You can even have CI jobs automatically spin up a scratch org as the target environment.

All sandbox types are supported, and Gearset’s CI/CD solution supports sandbox seeding and the creation of scratch orgs to help keep environments in sync.

Gearset connects to any Git-based repository including both cloud-based and on-premises providers.

If you build your CI/CD process in Gearset using Pipelines, you’ll be using its carefully designed Git branching strategy by default. You can choose to add a release branch to that strategy.

If you build your CI/CD process using standalone CI jobs in Gearset, you have the flexibility to implement any Git branching strategy you choose. Feel free to reach out to ask for advice on your approach.

With Gearset’s CI feature there’s no need for Jenkins. Gearset’s built-in automation process removes the need for other 3rd-party tools.

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