Deploy Vlocity items with Salesforce metadata

Gearset supports Vlocity deployments with purpose-built tooling so you can combine deployments of Salesforce Industries (Vlocity) DataPacks with deployments of other org metadata

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Integrate Salesforce Industries into your DevOps pipeline

Vlocity customizations should be developed and released as part of your DevOps workflow. Test changes properly in a developer environment first before deploying them along a release pipeline to production.

  • Deploy Vlocity DataPacks alongside other Salesforce metadata items.
  • Enjoy deployment success thanks to Gearset’s intelligent dependency handling.
  • Keep a full audit trail of your Vlocity and Salesforce deployments in one place.

Compared to change sets and the Vlocity build tool, Gearset takes about 75% of the time off the full lifecycle of the deploy – i.e. the time it takes to set up the changes in the first place and organize all the deployment packages for the Vlocity build tool. Then the deployments to all the sandboxes and prod.

Screenshot of a Gearset CI job for Vlocity

Include Vlocity in your source-driven workflow

Gearset supports all major Git hosting platforms and allows for the seamless integration of Vlocity deployments into your Salesforce CI/CD pipeline.

  • Automate your Vlocity release process with automated monitoring and continuous integration from Gearset’s intuitive UI.
  • Save developer time with integrated development, deployment and testing thanks to Git-based version control for Vlocity.
  • Deploy only the Vlocity data and Salesforce metadata types you need in continuous integration jobs.
Illustration of a developer working with Salesforce Industries

Develop and release with confidence

Whether you’re in Health, Finance, Government, or any other heavily regulated sector, Gearset gives you the enterprise-grade security you need to test with real production data and release high-quality work without the fear of breaking your org.

  • Browse your complete deployment history with options from rollback to redeploy.
  • Seed sandboxes with complete data hierarchies for testing, while ensuring full compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Integrate backups into your DevOps process for quick, accurate and easy restore capabilities.

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