Gearset for CPQ

Salesforce CPQ deployments, reimagined

The smartest solution for CPQ deployments

Deploy CPQ as easily as metadata. See the differences in your CPQ configuration, understand record relationships, and deploy new CPQ records in just a few clicks.

Compare and deploy CPQ objects

  • Choose specific CPQ, Advanced Approvals, and Billing objects to compare and deploy.
  • Select which CPQ objects to deploy alongside existing metadata.
  • Filter and search through your CPQ objects.

Easy setup for CPQ deployments

  • No more need for Apex scripts thanks to our external ID setup wizard.
  • Implement a robust and error-free external ID setup process for any org.
  • Populate existing record IDs to prevent the deployment of duplicate records.

Users rate Gearset for CPQ 10/10

Gearset for CPQ saves an incredible amount of time and reduces the chance for error to almost zero. Gearset has made CPQ deployments so much more efficient for my team. 10/10 would recommend giving it a shot to any user who does frequent CPQ deployments. Thank goodness for Gearset!

Michael Halliwell

CPQ Product Specialist, Ad Victoriam Solutions

Complete visibility of CPQ and metadata differences

Compare and deploy Salesforce metadata and CPQ configuration between any two Salesforce orgs — all within the same deployment.

View metadata and CPQ configuration differences

Easily identify new, changed or deleted metadata and CPQ differences between your source and target environments — all in one view.

View line-by-line differences

Gearset’s diff viewer clearly highlights and displays granular line-by-line differences for CPQ, ensuring you deploy only the items you mean to.

Gearset maps out dependencies and suggests deployment fixes

Gearset’s dependency analysis breaks down the complex relationships between CPQ records for easier deployments.

View and include related items

Understand complex CPQ data hierarchies by viewing dependencies, so you know what to include in your deployment.

Problem analyzers for CPQ deployments

Gearset’s unique problem analyzers find and fix missing dependencies with your deployment package.

Monitor and audit changes

Automated daily monitoring

Set up custom notifications and get alerted to any changes made to your CPQ configuration.

A complete audit trail of all changes

Track all changes, with information on who made what change when.

Free whitepaper: Salesforce CPQ deployments

Discover how to troubleshoot CPQ config headaches and cut the complexity from your team’s CPQ release management process.

Gearset for CPQ, Advanced Approvals, and Billing FAQs

Yes. Unlike other CPQ deployment tools (such as Data Loader), Gearset deploys metadata and CPQ together. From product and price rules to configuration attributes, you can move metadata and Salesforce CPQ configuration data in a single deployment with no more split audit trail.

Gearset will only begin the CPQ data migration if your metadata has been deployed successfully first. If there’s a metadata deployment failure, the rest of the job will stop.

Yes. Advanced Approvals and Salesforce Billing can also be deployed alongside your Salesforce metadata.

Gearset automatically handles the deployment of new product record IDs, based on the existing Salesforce record ID, thanks to our own Gearset external ID field.

Gearset will automatically detect any dependencies that need to be included for a deployment to succeed (e.g. product features and product options when deploying a new product bundle).

You can create and save comparison filters to specify which metadata and CPQ configuration objects to retrieve, for fast and repeatable Salesforce CPQ deployments.

Industries CPQ (formerly Vlocity) is a module provided as part of the Industries Cloud whereas Salesforce CPQ is a horizontal application for the Salesforce platform.

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