Take the pain out of deploying CPQ configuration changes

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Deploying CPQ is always a pain, as many parts of the configuration are stored as records in Salesforce, such as Price Rules, Custom Actions, Quote Templates, etc. Gearset's data migration tool has made CPQ deployments so much more efficient for myself and the team. I save the most time when it comes to loading Price Rules, Price Conditions, and Price Actions, as these are the most common for me. Being able to load all three objects in one fell swoop saves an incredible amount of time and reduces the chance for error to almost zero. 10/10 - would recommend giving it a shot to any user who does frequent CPQ deployments. Thank goodness for Gearset!

Michael Halliwell | CPQ Product Specialist | Ad Victoriam Solutions

Migrate entire CPQ hierarchies in a single deployment

Dynamic CPQ configurations are notoriously difficult to migrate, as configuration data resides on multiple objects in your org. Gearset's CPQ template and smart handling of dependencies lets you deploy entire Salesforce CPQ and Billing configurations in the same deployment.

Save time migrating CPQ

Save time migrating CPQ configurations

Salesforce CPQ uses data instead of metadata to configure pricing logic, quotes and approvals. Gearset's pre-built template for CPQ deployments saves you from working out what needs to be deployed and manually selecting objects.

Deploy hierarchies of CPQ data

Successfully deploy hierarchies of CPQ data

Gearset deploys your quote lines and automatically identifies the related quotes as dependencies for you. Just select the quote line records you want to deploy, and Gearset will do the rest.

Data deployment FAQs

Data support can be purchased as an additional bolt-on to your subscription. There are two tiers: Data Loader and Data Compliance. Data Loader costs $100 per Gearset license, per month, and gives you the core functionality for data deployments. Data Compliance costs $200 per Gearset license, per month, and includes everything in Data Loader, plus data masking to protect your confidential information and help you comply with regulations on data protection, such as the CCPA or the GDPR. Please note that if you have several Gearset licenses/users and would like to purchase data support, you must purchase data support for each license. For example, if you have 3 Gearset licenses, the cost of data support will be: 3 licenses × $100 = $300/month for Data Loader, or 3 licenses × $200 = $600/month for Data Compliance.

If you are a new customer, data support can be purchased and added to your licensing plan via the pricing page or contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

If you are already an existing Gearset customer, contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

To use Gearset's data deployer, the data deployment license tier must be purchased. Once data support has been purchased, a Gearset team owner may opt-in the team to using the data deployment functionality via the account page in the app.

Org data is never permanently stored by Gearset, but it does pass through our servers to allow us to run data deployments. After a data deployment completes, the data is automatically disposed of by the service. As with metadata, it is encrypted at all times when in transit or at rest. Learn more on our security page.

When creating a Gearset account, users choose a data storage location - either the US, EU or Australia. All user data, including metadata and any organization data is then handled solely by an AWS data center in the relevant region - either Oregon (US West 2), Ireland (EU West 1) or Australia (AP Southeast 2). This includes any backups taken as part of our disaster recovery program.

Gearset is a UK company, and our team are based in Cambridge, UK. We do not outsource any of our development or support - this is all handled in-house by our expert team in the UK.

Gearset's service architecture and policies are designed to be in full compliance with GDPR. For more information on this, see our GDPR compliance statement.

Absolutely. With Gearset, you can migrate and deploy your Salesforce data between any two organizations.

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