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Track every change made in production, roll back unwanted changes or back deploy hotfixes to keep everything in sync.

Automated change tracking

Create automated jobs to monitor metadata changes made in your Salesforce orgs. Keep on top of production with full visibility into every change — no matter how it got there. Daily reports and configurable notifications guarantee you won’t miss anything.

Protect the changes you want to keep

Quickly deploy any detected changes that you don’t want to overwrite to other orgs or your version control system and keep your environments perfectly in sync.

Roll back unwanted changes

Perform a partial or full rollback of unwanted changes to your metadata to prevent critical errors. Our unique dependency analysis will identify any required dependencies to make sure your rollback succeeds.

Stay compliant with industry regulations

See who changed what and when with a full audit trail of every change made in Salesforce. Download a full report for auditors, and stay up to date with industry compliance regulations (HIPAA, SOX, GDPR etc).

Static code analysis on Apex

Keep your Apex code clean and consistent with Gearset’s fully configurable static code analysis. We’ll flag any warnings and offer suggestions on how to improve your code. You’ll see a graph of the static code analysis for any monitoring job, so you can track the quality of your code over time.

Detailed monitoring history

Explore all changes from any date range with a detailed history of all your monitoring jobs. You can look at the original comparison of what changed between each run, explore permissions and view any code analysis issues.

What can I monitor?

Gearset’s automated change monitoring feature gives you a detailed audit trail of any changes that have been made to your metadata, CPQ configuration or Vlocity DataPacks — on a daily basis.


CPQ configuration

(Salesforce Revenue Cloud)

Vlocity DataPacks

(Salesforce Industries)

“There was a change made in production that caused an issue. If this had happened before Gearset it would’ve been a huge deal for us to try and get back on track, but now we can see everything in the change monitoring history and can quickly and easily fix the problem.”

Jeb Garrott

Platforms Solutions Manager

Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan

Gearset provides monitoring for all of our dev, shared, and production environments; from scheduled test runs to change monitoring. This allows us to address issues early on and keeps my team accountable for the changes we make.”

Independent customer review

G2, read more here


Total visibility across all your environments

Permissions reporting

Explore which profiles and permission sets have been applied across objects and fields

Metadata monitoring filters

Configure the monitoring tool to detect everything or just specific metadata types

Team sharing

Team members can view the results of your change monitoring job history and be notified of the results via team alerts

First-class support as standard

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Automation FAQs

Yes you can! You can monitor any orgs or sandboxes.

Yes. You can get notifications from Gearset every time the job runs, or only when changes are detected. Choose whether notifications are sent to your phone, email or preferred messaging platform. Gearset integrates with Slack, Microsoft teams, Glip and Salesforce Chatter.

You can look at org monitoring as often as you need to and set up status notifications to be alerted if there are any changes that you weren’t expecting.

No, change monitoring is not a data backup tool, but you can use it to back up your metadata. Gearset takes a snapshot of your org’s metadata, so it can compare changes over time. You can roll back changes, or restore metadata to a specific point in time using the snapshots that Gearset has taken.

In Gearset you can track the changes made by a specific team member or role via the Audit API. Gearset will analyze your deployments and give you a full breakdown, including who deployed what object and when as well as any linked work items from Jira etc.

If you want to monitor your entire CI/CD pipeline and DevOps performance, then Gearset’s Pipelines can help you. Use our Reporting API to get your data on the DORA metrics.

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