Gearset API

Get more out of Gearset with our public API

With our public API you can securely integrate core Gearset functionality with external workflows and other platforms.

Gearset API: Automation

With our Automation API you can integrate our powerful deployment engine and other analysis tools with your wider DevOps toolchain. Use our API to:

Gearset API: Reporting

With our Reporting API you can extract performance data from Gearset and generate reports in your preferred reporting and dashboarding solution to show the impact Salesforce DevOps is having on your business. As well as monitoring your own data, you can benchmark your performance against 4 key DORA metrics:

  • Deployment frequency: how often an organization successfully releases to production

  • Lead time for changes: the amount of time it takes a feature to get into production

  • Mean time to recover: the time it takes to recover from a failure in production

  • Change failure rate: the time it takes to recover from a failure in production

You can use any reporting tool that allows an API source, including Salesforce Tableau, Power BI, Geckoboard and more.

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Gearset API: Auditing

Use our Audit API to query useful information about your deployment processes for auditing purposes. With our API you can see:

  • Standard deployment info (who, when, date, status)

  • More granular deployment info:

    • See all the objects that were deployed
    • Understand why they were deployed (PA, change, deletion etc)
    • See who deployed the object and when
  • Any linked work items: from Jira, Azure DevOps and more.

You can query this information for any deployment that has gone through Gearset.

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