Sandbox seeding

Smart data deployments for Salesforce

Speed up sandbox seeding for easier testing and debugging, with data masking to ensure compliance.

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Realistic data for reliable testing and debugging

Building features and debugging issues without realistic test data is hard. But creating your perfect test data is easy with the right solution. Gearset plans and executes complex data deployments for you – just pick the records you want to deploy, and we’ll handle the rest.

Perfect test data in seconds

  • Recreate tricky bugs in your dev environment by pulling records from production.
  • Choose which records to deploy by filtering on field and value.
  • Create your perfect test dataset in no time with an easy-to-use UI.

Smart relationship handling

  • Don’t waste time manually exporting and importing - automatically migrate entire hierarchies of records.
  • Deploy dependencies including parent-child relationships and circular references.
  • Upsert records with automatic cross-referencing between source and target orgs.

Users rate Gearset’s data loader 10/10

Giving credit where due: I had to move data from production to a developer org this week. The relationships were plenty and I couldn’t fathom doing it manually 1 file at a time. Thanks to Gearset the data migration was easy breezy including anonymizing sensitive data!

Joshua Hoskins

Technical Product & Delivery Architect, CRMified

Data migration tools for any task

The smarter data loader

Deploy records on multiple objects in a single run, view data deployment histories, share deployment templates, and much more besides.

Data compliance

Select and mask commercially sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) for full confidentiality and compliance with the CCPA or GDPR.

Real-world test data, whatever your process

Manual data deployments are time consuming and difficult, but no team should have to rely on out-of-date or incomplete data.

Build data into your process

  • Spin up test environments for debugging or building features with real-world data in just a few clicks.
  • Create SFDX scratch orgs and deploy test data to them without using a command line.
  • Reduce the risk of deployment failure with automatic cross-referencing of fields in source and target.

Enterprise-grade security

Data deployment FAQs

If you are a new customer, data support can be purchased and added to your licensing plan via the pricing page or contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

If you are already an existing Gearset customer, contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

To use Gearset's data deployer, the data deployment license tier must be purchased. Once data support has been purchased, a Gearset team owner may opt-in the team to using the data deployment functionality via the account page in the app.

Org data is never permanently stored by Gearset, but it does pass through our servers to allow us to run data deployments. After a data deployment completes, the data is automatically disposed of by the service. As with metadata, it is encrypted at all times when in transit or at rest. Learn more on our security page.

When creating a Gearset account, users choose a data storage location - either the US, EU or Australia. All user data, including metadata and any organization data is then handled solely by an AWS data center in the relevant region - either Oregon (US West 2), Ireland (EU West 1) or Australia (AP Southeast 2). This includes any backups taken as part of our disaster recovery program.

Gearset is a UK company, and our team are based in Cambridge, UK. We do not outsource any of our development or support - this is all handled in-house by our expert team in the UK.

Gearset's service architecture and policies are designed to be in full compliance with GDPR. For more information on this, see our GDPR compliance statement.

Absolutely. With Gearset, you can migrate and deploy your Salesforce data between any two organizations.

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