Mask your data to protect sensitive information

Use real production data to seed sandboxes while respecting data confidentiality. Disguise personal data and sensitive information with configurable data masking.

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Gearset's data deployment tool makes our dev sandboxes really powerful and relevant. It means developers can work with real org data in context, and make informed decisions at every stage of production. If you don't have sight of example data, you can make all sorts of assumptions which may not be correct.

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Confidential CCPA and GDPR-compliant data handling

Whether critical business data or customers' PII, your Salesforce org holds sensitive information. Confidentiality rules and data protection regulations such as the CCPA often restrict what you can do with sensitive information. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in particular, applies to the use of personal data both inside and outside the EU - whether you're based in the US, India, Australia or elsewhere.

We want our users to benefit from the full range of Gearset's DevOps and backup tools without them worrying about the confidential nature of their business information and customer data. Gearset's data compliance add-on allows you to do this, giving you extra peace of mind by letting you mask your sensitive data to comply with rules on data protection.

Mask individual fields and types of fields

Keep information confidential by masking records

Data masking means your team can use real data from production while masking personal information and sensitive business records during data deployments to development orgs. When you turn on data masking, Gearset substitutes your real data for fictitious data in the same format. So the data deployed to your target looks and behaves like authentic data, which is valuable for realistic and complex testing. In other words, your developers can build features, test changes and fix bugs using realistic datasets while, at the same time, making sure they comply with data protection requirements.

Configure masking for custom fields

Select and configure which fields to mask

Gearset lets you turn masking on or off for individual fields and gives you some useful toggles if you want to mask all fields of a particular type. For custom fields, you can decide on the type or format of the placeholder data used to disguise the real data, such as random text and integers, fake phone numbers or simple Boolean values. This helps make sure you're able to test your code with realistic datasets.

Data deployment FAQs

Data support can be purchased as an additional bolt-on to your subscription. There are two tiers: Data Loader and Data Compliance. Data Loader costs $100 per Gearset license, per month, and gives you the core functionality for data deployments. Data Compliance costs $200 per Gearset license, per month, and includes everything in Data Loader, plus data masking to protect your confidential information and help you comply with regulations on data protection, such as the CCPA or the GDPR. Please note that if you have several Gearset licenses/users and would like to purchase data support, you must purchase data support for each license. For example, if you have 3 Gearset licenses, the cost of data support will be: 3 licenses × $100 = $300/month for Data Loader, or 3 licenses × $200 = $600/month for Data Compliance.

If you are a new customer, data support can be purchased and added to your licensing plan via the pricing page or contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

If you are already an existing Gearset customer, contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

To use Gearset's data deployer, the data deployment license tier must be purchased. Once data support has been purchased, a Gearset team owner may opt-in the team to using the data deployment functionality via the account page in the app.

Org data is never permanently stored by Gearset, but it does pass through our servers to allow us to run data deployments. After a data deployment completes, the data is automatically disposed of by the service. As with metadata, it is encrypted at all times when in transit or at rest. Learn more on our security page.

When creating a Gearset account, users choose a data storage location - either the US, EU or Australia. All user data, including metadata and any organization data is then handled solely by an AWS data center in the relevant region - either Oregon (US West 2), Ireland (EU West 1) or Australia (AP Southeast 2). This includes any backups taken as part of our disaster recovery program.

Gearset is a UK company, and our team are based in Cambridge, UK. We do not outsource any of our development or support - this is all handled in-house by our expert team in the UK.

Gearset's service architecture and policies are designed to be in full compliance with GDPR. For more information on this, see our GDPR compliance statement.

Absolutely. With Gearset, you can migrate and deploy your Salesforce data between any two organizations.

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