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$150 Gearset user/month

Core deployment features with version control support, deployment history, automated unit testing, and quick deploy.

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$300 Gearset user/month

All the features of Pro plus CI, rollback, org change monitoring, static code analysis, team collaboration and more.

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Add data deployment to your subscription

Data deployment cannot be purchased separately. Your data add-on will be added to each Gearset license purchased.

Add data backup to your subscription

Automatically back up critical data in your orgs, restore deleted data, and stay GDPR compliant.

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Pricing FAQs

Gearset can be paid for monthly or annually. Gearset Pro covers all our core deployment features and costs $150 per user, per month. Gearset Enterprise includes advanced deployment costs $300 per user, per month. View our feature comparison for more information about the differences between these two plans.

You can purchase Data Loader as a team add-on. It costs $100 per user per month, or $200 for the Data Compliance tier which includes data masking.

Data Backup costs $2.50 per standard Salesforce user per month (minimum order of 100). Data Backup can be purchased as a standalone product.

For our deployment tools, our pricing is based on the number of people who use Gearset, not the number in your Salesforce org. Our backup tool is priced per standard Salesforce user.

Gearset Pro is perfect for small development teams and individual developers who need to quickly understand and deploy changes to orgs, integrate with version control, and automate Apex unit testing. Easily compare environments, perform selective deployments, automatically resolve dependency issues, and schedule and validate deployments.

Gearset Enterprise is designed for larger teams or Salesforce consultants where a greater degree of automation and control is required. Enterprise license holders can automate deployments using continuous integration jobs, automate daily metadata snapshots using change monitoring, and roll back any deployment in their history. Integration with Jira, detailed permissions reports, and static code analysis provide ways to keep a closer eye on multiple environments and maintain development best practices.

To enable data deployment, you'll need a data license for every Gearset user in your team. For example, if you have a team of 5 users in Gearset, you would need 5 data licenses.

Yes! You can select your payment plan when completing the secure checkout in the app. To discuss alternative billing options, please contact us at [email protected].

We operate on NET-0 payment terms. Orders must be paid in full before subscriptions are activated. This means that if you are paying by check or wire transfer, it may take a few days for the payment to arrive and be processed by us before your subscription can be activated. If you need your subscriptions activated immediately, you should use the credit card or PayPal payment options. Or, contact us for an extended trial.

To purchase a Gearset subscription through the app you will need a credit card. If you require a quote/PO/invoice as part of a corporate procurement process, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help with setting up your order.

Yes. We're happy to work with resellers if that makes your procurement process simpler. Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll help with setting up your order.

Of course! Please contact [email protected] and we’ll get everything sorted for you. You can easily manage your subscription tiers and billing plan at any time.

No. You can try Gearset absolutely free for 30 days, without entering any payment information. Gearset doesn't install any packages into your orgs so it doesn't leave a footprint. Simply log in securely using a Salesforce account or with Google credentials to start using Gearset.

Once your trial period expires, you'll automatically move onto our free tier. Your previous deployment history will remain accessible for you to download, and we won’t delete your saved org information. While on the free tier, you won't be able to run any more comparisons or deployments, but you can continue to use the daily Apex unit testing. To continue using all the features of Gearset, purchase a Pro or Enterprise plan, or contact [email protected] for more information.

The trial gives you full access to all of the features of Gearset Enterprise, including the option to deploy data and back up your orgs. There are no restrictions on usage during the free 30-day trial.

Just sign up for a trial. When you first sign up for Gearset, you'll get a 30-day trial of Gearset Enterprise. Once your trial expires, you'll automatically be moved onto the free tier, which includes our testing automation.

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