Effortlessly manage your Salesforce data

Free up space in your orgs, reduce costs, and boost performance, while ensuring compliance

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Salesforce storage is expensive

With users across the business adding records to Salesforce, it’s easy to hit storage limits.  This restricts your use of Salesforce and leads to declining org performance — forcing you to delete data or pay for additional storage.

Data archiving removes obsolete data from your Salesforce orgs, reducing your storage costs and preventing performance degradation. You still have complete control: restore data at any time, retain records for compliance regulations, and keep your data stored safely off-platform.

Take control of your Salesforce data

Save on storage costs

Optimize storage usage to avoid scaling costs on the Salesforce platform, freeing up Salesforce data spend to invest in value-add projects.

Improve performance

Reduce data volume to boost Salesforce search, reporting and calculations performance, reducing record-creation errors in sandboxes.

Handle legacy data

Prevent your org from ballooning while retaining legacy data needed for compliance, and securely store business data for recovery at anytime.

Easily set your archiving policy

  • Customize archiving rules to automatically reduce data storage
  • Remove irrelevant data to streamline end-user processes
  • Securely store your archived Salesforce records

Fulfill compliance regulations

Minimize compliance concerns

Comply with data protection and privacy regulations with policy-based archiving. Retain data needed for industry, government and internal compliance regulations.

Restore with ease

Restore records quickly and reliably in just a few clicks, individually or in bulk. Access controls determine who can archive or restore data.

Programmatically delete

Define and implement your data archiving strategy, setting rules for automatic archiving based on record type or timeframe.

Effortless compliance and visibility

  • Automatically delete data once you’ve reached retention policy limits
  • Purge records for effortless compliance and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Easily audit your archived records and who has access

Security you can trust

Gearset is ISO 27001 certified and offers you enterprise-grade security. Your Salesforce data and metadata is encrypted in transit and at rest, hosted on the same AWS data centers trusted by Salesforce, with 24/7 intrusion detection.

ISO 27001
24/7 Protection
Advanced Encryption SSL TLS 1.2 AES-256
UKAS Management Systems

Comprehensive data lifecycle management

Tailor your data management

  • Preview the data you’re set to archive to keep track of upcoming runs
  • Monitor, review, and edit archived records in one place
  • View archived records alongside their child records

Monitor your archiving jobs

  • View dashboards and manage all archiving activities
  • Search archived records to quickly identify and retrieve data, such as those needed for auditing
  • Monitor your Salesforce storage limits

Backup and archiving on one platform

  • Learn one process for restoring from backups and archive
  • Monitor your archived and backed up data in one place
  • Streamline security and procurement processes for both solutions

Archiving FAQs

Gearset’s backup solution is there to protect you in the event of data or metadata loss. Our Salesforce data archiving solution is about removing data from production to free up storage space and avoid performance degradation. This means archiving is used for smaller sub-sections of data. Like backup data, you can always restore archived data to production.

Gearset’s Salesforce experts will be happy to help you navigate managing the data lifecycle, please get in touch to arrange!

There are two key types of data you’ll want to archive: legacy data and data for compliance. Legacy data is infrequently used by your end users and takes up valuable space in your org storage — you can identify this by monitoring data usage.

Data for compliance is whatever you need to keep to meet regulatory requirements, but don’t need to need to access in your orgs. For example, the Companies Act requires you to retain financial data for up to 7 years. Gearset will support you in creating and executing your data archiving strategy.

Data lifecycle management controls the flow and governance of data from cradle to grave. Data archiving is a critical step towards the end of the lifecycle that allows you to safely remove data from live environments and set a data retention period before permanent deletion. Alongside archiving, Gearset’s backup and sandbox seeding solutions allow you to protect and migrate Salesforce data.

Trust is a core principle at Gearset — we understand the importance of the data that you trust us with. To protect your organization and your data, Gearset uses enterprise-grade encryption, both in transit and at rest. You have the choice of where your data is hosted, in one of our data centers in the US, EU, Aus or Canada. Gearset is ISO 27001 certified. All our solutions are compliant with UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act, EU GDPR, the CCPA/CPRA, and HIPAA. Find out more about our compliance here.

Gearset’s archiving solution is quick to implement and comes with simple control of user permissions precisely because it’s off-platform. This means you won’t have to worry about upgrades or management in org because we handle it for you. And because Gearset is off-platform, you can have confidence your data is safe in an independent environment if there are any issues with Salesforce.

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