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The most comprehensive Salesforce backup and restore solution.

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Protect your data. Prepare for disaster recovery.

Safeguard Salesforce with a backup and restore solution you can rely on.

For the best disaster recovery outcomes, treat your backup and restore process as part of DevOps. Protect the environments you’re developing, all from one platform, and restore data and metadata using familiar release management workflows.

Hassle-free backups

Don’t bank on the recycle bin or Data Export. Schedule automated daily or high frequency backups, and back up on-demand whenever you need extra peace of mind. Back up Salesforce data and metadata for comprehensive protection of your org.

Understand your data

Don’t be in the dark about your data. Visualize the changing shape of your org’s data over the course of your backup history.

Set up configurable smart alerts that warn you when unusual amounts of data have been changed or deleted, so you know straight away when it’s time to put your disaster recovery plan into action and begin data recovery.

Restore lost data quickly

Get your organization operational again in record time. Gearset is the most powerful platform for restoring your orgs to any point in time.

Gearset restores your metadata, and then restores your data — from one record to a complex hierarchy of data — in just a few clicks. You can deploy your data to dev, prod, and scratch orgs, as part of your disaster recovery strategy or for sandbox seeding.

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Metadata backup

First-class protection of your Salesforce metadata

Protect your metadata from unwanted changes or unexpected incidents with the most comprehensive Salesforce backup solution. Back up and restore your metadata with our cutting-edge deployment engine in a matter of clicks.

Automated metadata backups

Schedule daily backup jobs or back up instantly with one click for complete protection of your Salesforce metadata, whatever your org size.

Restore your profiles and permissions

Recover all of your metadata from any point in time and rapidly restore every object, field, profile and permission set with Gearset’s full or partial rollback.

Catch problems early with change tracking

Automated backup and monitoring jobs detect any changes made to your metadata, so you can easily keep track of the state of your orgs, and get notified if any unwanted changes are made.

When you need to restore, Gearset has you covered

If we had a complete failure, I’m confident our data is safe in our Gearset backups and we’d be able to restore. We’ve got that peace of mind.

Chris Deutschmann

Sage People Configuration Consultant, Sage


Backup FAQs

Salesforce offers a Data Recovery Service that costs $10,000. It takes several weeks for Salesforce to send you CSVs of whatever data they’ve salvaged. You need to restore the data from these raw files. No metadata is recovered. The Data Recovery Service was retired for a time, as Salesforce doesn’t want its customers to rely on it.

Small amounts of deleted data may be recoverable from the Recycle Bin in Salesforce. But data is removed from the Recycle Bin when it’s full or after 15 days. Other native tools each have their own shortcomings.

Since metadata represents all of the Salesforce customizations that are unique to your business, it needs to be protected. Metadata often needs to be restored before data can be restored. And permissions metadata types control access to sensitive data.

Yes. Gearset backs up both data and metadata on every backup run.

Your backup data is stored at the AWS data center in the region you chose for your Gearset account — either the US (US West 2), Canada (CA Central 1), Ireland (EU West 1) or Australia (AP Southeast 2).

Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Backups are encrypted with a ‘per customer key’. You can delete your encryption key at any time to make your backup data completely irretrievable. We also support bring your own key (BYOK) for backups.

Backups run automatically every 24 hours. High frequency backups are available and you can also run backups on-demand at any other time.

There’s no storage limit.

You can customize your retention policy when you set up a backup job. Gearset suggests a 7-year retention period by default which matches the most common compliance requirements.

You can back up any kind of Salesforce org, such as dev orgs, prod orgs, sandboxes and even scratch orgs.

Yes. You can use the job’s filter to include or exclude objects from backup runs — newly created objects are included by default.

No, not by default. The owner of a backup job can assign permissions to their team members, and they can create team-shared org connections.

You can use one of our standard SSO (Single Sign On) login options: Salesforce, Google or LinkedIn. You can also use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to connect your external identity provider (IdP) to access SSO.

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