Gearset Pipelines

End-to-end management of your release pipeline

Visualize and manage your entire release pipeline – all in one place

Visualize deployment flows for your whole team

  • Understand your entire release pipeline at a glance
  • See the live status of each environment
  • Track changes end-to-end for complete visibility

Works with your tech stack, not against it

  • Integrate your preferred version control provider and Jira
  • Migrate user stories and automatically update Jira tickets
  • Merge pull requests and kick off CI jobs - directly in the Gearset app

Advanced branch management

  • View and manage multiple branches at once
  • Move changes through the pipeline independently, so a bad change never blocks a release again
  • Back-promote branches in just a few clicks, so your orgs always contain the latest changes
  • Group together stories, validate, and release them in a single block with release branches

This is now my map to see how stuff is flowing, who’s running a job and when — because I’m ultimately responsible for making sure things keep going.

Senior IT Analyst

Global Manufacturing Corporation

The DevOps solution you can’t do without

With Pipelines you can take control of your DevOps processes across three core areas:


  • Give your whole team full pipeline visibility, so they can deploy with confidence
  • View PRs and deploy branches instantly in the pipeline view
  • Save time with Gearset’s new merge algorithm that understands Salesforce metadata and resolves conflicts for you
  • Pull changes back upstream, such as hotfixes in your production org


  • Track your CI flows across multiple environments and branches
  • Automatically created PRs show you where changes need to go next so you can keep environments in sync
  • Reduce manual workflow errors
  • Catch issues before promoting them through your pipeline


  • See every environments’ live status: stable, merging in progress, or conflicts
  • Report on changes - what, when and by who
  • See how much work you have in flight
  • Ensure all feature branches are merged or deleted

Key integrations

Supercharge your Salesforce DevOps with Pipelines