Gearset Pipelines

End-to-end management of your release pipeline

Visualize and manage your entire release pipeline – all in one place

Visualize deployment flows for your whole team

  • Understand your entire release pipeline at a glance
  • See the live status of each environment
  • Track changes end-to-end for complete visibility
  • Kick-off your workflow from a user story

Works with your tech stack, not against it

  • Integrate your preferred version control provider and Jira
  • Migrate user stories and automatically update Jira tickets
  • Merge pull requests and kick off CI jobs - directly in the Gearset app
  • See all status checks from your pull request, including third-party integrations

Advanced branch management

  • View and manage multiple branches at once
  • Move changes through the pipeline independently, so a bad change never blocks a release again
  • Back-promote branches in just a few clicks, so your orgs always contain the latest changes
  • Group together stories, validate, and release them in a single block with release branches

It just helps the team deploy so much faster. Especially when you have a huge team of people, Gearset makes tracking all those changes and coordinating deployments much easier.

Alan McCarthy | Salesforce App Engineering Manager | Zillow

The DevOps solution you can’t do without

With Pipelines you can take control of your DevOps processes across three core areas:


  • Give your whole team full pipeline visibility and ownership, so they can deploy with confidence
  • View PRs and deploy branches instantly in the pipeline view
  • Save time with Gearset’s unique merge algorithm that understands Salesforce metadata and resolves conflicts for you
  • Pull changes back upstream, such as hotfixes in your production org


  • Track your CI flows across multiple environments and branches
  • Automatically created PRs show you where changes need to go next so you can keep environments in sync
  • Reduce manual workflow errors
  • Catch issues before promoting them through your pipeline


  • See every environments’ live status: stable, merging in progress, or conflicts
  • Report on changes - what, when and by who
  • See how much work you have in flight
  • Ensure all feature branches are merged or deleted

Key integrations

Supercharge your Salesforce DevOps with Pipelines