DevOps Launchpad Live: How to build and scale your team for DevOps excellence

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Whether you’re just starting to grow your team, or have an established team working to optimize your release process, the hardest part is establishing a strong foundation that will work both today and for years to come. DevOps Leader and Staff Engineer Ray Ensley presents a webinar packed with practical advice on building and scaling a successful Salesforce DevOps team.

Ray has been working with the Salesforce platform for about 12 years, and has been implementing DevOps for about 6 years. He’s worked on Salesforce instances large and small, as well as solutions both on and off the Salesforce platform.

  • Learn how to establish a rock solid foundation for effective and efficient releases
  • Gain leadership skills to create a process that works for your team’s unique requirements
  • Discover how to effectively onboard and share knowledge with new team members
  • Incorporate an effective peer review process that promotes best practices and team success

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