Delivering ROI with DevOps improvements - summit 2022

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Catch up on this webinar, Delivering ROI with DevOps improvements, from the Gearset DevOps Summit 2022. Frank Short (Enterprise Account Manager, Gearset) is joined by Paul Watkeys (Head of Digital Products, Veolia UK & IRE), where they discuss the dramatic DevOps improvements that helped Veolia UK & IRE to deliver massive Salesforce ROI.

Having used Salesforce for years, Veolia UK & IRE adopted Gearset in 2021 as part of a big shakeup to improve their release process. At that time, there was no visibility across teams so work was often duplicated and their 65 sandboxes across 4 orgs were out of sync. This became increasingly difficult as Veolia UK & IRE used a number of different partners and suppliers. Implementing Gearset removed silos, boosted their release times and enabled scalability. For the first year, Veolia UK & IRE forecast at least 500% ROI.

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