The business case for Salesforce DevOps

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With more and more companies looking to get the most out of their Salesforce investment, DevOps is the key to unlocking a raft of benefits from faster delivery to more reliable releases. Building a seamless DevOps process is a vital step to long-term productivity and added value for end users, and a successful Salesforce implementation.

Catch up on this webinar with Jack Weatherly, Sales Director EMEA at Gearset, where he talks through the benefits of a comprehensive Salesforce DevOps solution. He’ll show you why taking full advantage of DevOps can improve product delivery, boost customer success, and increase business reliability.

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About Gearset: We launched Gearset when we saw how lacklustre DevOps was preventing teams from taking full advantage of Salesforce. We’d experienced first-hand how Salesforce allowed anyone to become a Trailblazer and build amazing apps, but then left you stranded, with only change sets or complex command lines to get your work to users. Gearset makes DevOps on Salesforce as simple as everything else on Salesforce. Get full access to all of Gearset's features for free with a 30-day trial:

Video chapters:

0:00 Introduction

0:31 Today's Speaker

3:37 Key concepts

5:52 Today's talk

7:27 Qualify your starting point

8:58 Target quantifiable outcomes

12:50 Identify key goals

15:27 Confirming the value

17:44 Get the ball rolling

19:49 There's always a compromise

23:38 Additional value points to consider

26:17 Protecting your value

30:03 Our quantifiable outcomes

31:25 Our Metrics

33:51 Current process

36:40 Tangible Value

38:38 Education is a great foundation

39:58 Target the short term

43:17 Plan for the long term

46:36 Enjoy the perks of DevOps

48:51 Before you go