Making the most of version control with Gearset

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Version control is a powerful tool that lets you track changes to files over time, allowing teams to release higher quality code more frequently. In this video, we’ll cover how Gearset integrates with Git-based version control systems, to help you get the most out of version control.

After setting up your repository with your chosen provider, follow these steps to commit changes to a branch and open a PR all from within Gearset.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Source control and services and authorise Gearset’s access to your repositories.
  • Step 2: To add metadata to the repository, begin by running a compare and deploy — you’ll need to specify your source and target. Select the correct repository and choose which branch to deploy to or create a new branch from within the Gearset UI.
  • Step 3: Choose a metadata filter and press Compare Now.
  • Step 4: To baseline the empty repo, select all new items in the diff viewer.
  • Step 5: Apply any problem analyser fixes you want to include (but, when baselining a repository, these might not be relevant and could be ignored).
  • Step 6: Give the deployment a name and relevant notes for visibility.
  • Step 7: Press Commit Now, to commit the metadata to the selected branch.
  • Step 8: To open a pull request, to merge these changes to master, press Create Pull Request from the deployment successful screen and fill out the relevant information in the dialog box.

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