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Learning something new can be challenging. Whether you’re picking up a sport or practising a new language, it’s always nice to have a helping hand to guide you. For many people, watching someone else perform a task first helps them learn faster and removes the fear of the unknown.

We’ve been releasing some great new features for the app over the past few months, including org change monitoring and validated deployment packages. To ensure that everyone makes the most of these new features, we decided to create our new support videos, available on our revamped YouTube channel. They’re also categorized on our support page to make it easy to find the right video for you.

These support videos have something for all our users. If you’re new to Gearset, you’ll learn everything you need to get started, from adding your orgs to validating deployments. For our seasoned veterans, you’ll discover our latest feature additions and we’ll showcase advanced use cases to help you get the most from the app.

See the full list of videos on our updated support page, or start watching by clicking the video player below.

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