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  • Salesforce DevOps approaches maturity

    Simon Breslaw on April 16th 2021

    Across the Salesforce ecosystem, teams are adopting DevOps tools and practices. Our recent survey report, The State of Salesforce DevOps 2021, shines a light on what's driving companies to make the transition to modern application lifecycle management (ALM).

    This article explores the current DevOps adoption trends highlighted by the report, sets out key challenges faced by Salesforce teams, and discusses a few of the many reasons why DevOps is fast becoming the standard way of managing development pipelines on the platform.

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  • Looking ahead with Gearset's product roadmap

    Ben Assirati on March 26th 2021

    Over the years, Gearset has grown alongside our users, matching ambition with precision to provide the best possible DevOps solution for Salesforce. We've navigated our way to become the leading DevOps solution by holding firm to two of our core values: listening to our community, and bringing DevOps best practices to Salesforce.

    Gearset thrives at the intersection of these values; always listening to our users and always sharing the progress we're making together. This is why we provide a platform for feature requests and suggestions, publish our roadmap, and even share the stats about how Gearset is being used around the world.

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  • Salesforce is bringing back its Data Recovery Service - but does that change anything?

    Ben Assirati on March 15th 2021

    Salesforce recently announced that it's reversing its decision to take away its Data Recovery Service. The tool was provided as a last resort for companies on Salesforce in the event of data loss, and was retired in the summer of 2020. Salesforce gave several reasons for its initial decision: notably the small number of customers using it, and the existence of third-party tools in the ecosystem providing the same service.

    The revival of this tool may be significant news to some companies, but it should make little difference to teams on Salesforce. Here's why:

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  • How to perfect your Salesforce data backup and recovery strategy

    Ben Assirati on February 12th 2021

    Data is the lynchpin for the success of every business on Salesforce. Without it processes can't function, teams can't operate, and businesses can't succeed. The loss or corruption of data on Salesforce can cause a major disruption, so ensuring the integrity and retrievability of that data is crucial. To guarantee success, data needs to be secure. It must be backed up sufficiently, with a reliable restore process in place to retrieve any data that may be lost. Here's why:

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  • What's the state of Salesforce DevOps in 2021?

    David Runciman on January 21st 2021

    The Salesforce ecosystem is embracing DevOps like never before. Over the last six years, more and more teams have been adopting DevOps tools and processes. And now that Salesforce itself promotes DevOps, that trend is set to accelerate. But what's the state of Salesforce DevOps right now? We want to know - and you can help us by taking part in our survey! As an extra incentive (as if you needed one 😉 ), you can enter our prize draw for a MacBook!

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  • DevOps Center - the latest from DreamTX

    Simon Breslaw on December 18th 2020

    We were excited to see DevOps Center announced as a topic for one of the DreamTX sessions at this year's Dreamforce To You. Salesforce's DevOps Center promises to help teams of all technical abilities collaborate and manage their development pipelines using source control from within an easy-to-use Salesforce UI. We joined the session and were keen to hear the questions and answers about the project.

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  • 5 things we know about Salesforce DevOps Center

    Ben Assirati on September 30th 2020

    For the past few months, Salesforce has been teasing developers with the first of their DevOps solutions. The DevOps Center will be a change and release management application focused on providing a straightforward UI and a collaborative environment throughout the DevOps process for both admins and developers. Not much is known about the Center beyond that, but Gearset has scraped together all the information we could.

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  • Gearset - free to use with orgs!

    Kevin Boyle on June 25th 2020

    2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. As a company, Gearset has tried to help where we can, and we've often wondered what more we could be doing. Making Gearset free to use with orgs until the end of this year is another way that we're happy to be able to help.

    Salesforce developed to provide companies with the tools and information they need to bring their workforce back to the workplace safely, despite Covid-19. Gearset will help companies to implement faster, so they're back up and running in the office as quickly as possible.

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  • An introduction to deploying changes to Salesforce CPQ

    Tom Smith on February 11th 2019

    Salesforce CPQ & Billing (CPQ) is a popular package from the AppExchange. It helps your sales team create fast, accurate and professional quotes.

    CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. If you're unfamiliar with CPQ, there are plenty of resources to help you find out more, but to summarize, with CPQ a sales rep can:

    • Configure the combination of products and services which suit the customer.
    • Adjust the price to handle volume pricing or special discounts.
    • Create and send a quote to the customer.

    Unlike many other packages, CPQ configuration is stored as data, so migrating changes to CPQ between environments involves data rather than metadata deployments.

    In the rest of this post, we'll look at how to deploy CPQ changes with Gearset.

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  • What are Lightning Web Components, and how will they make my life better?

    Oli Lane on December 19th 2018

    It’s almost that time of the year again - the Spring ‘19 release is upon us!

    There’s loads of goodies coming our way, but one of the most exciting for developers is the release of Lightning Web Components. It’s a new programming model for Lightning component development, built on top of cutting-edge web technologies - and we think it’s going to bring a wealth of benefits to Salesforce developers.

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  • What happened to the AccountSource picklist and what the dickens is a Standard Value Set?

    Kevin Boyle on October 21st 2016

    We’ve left sunny California and the freneticism of Dreamforce behind us for another year and returned to the delightfully stereotypical drizzle the UK is renowned for. I might have taken time to dwell on the fact that I live in a country where rain is the norm for six months of the year were it not for excitement of the Winter ‘17 release that is now upon us!

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  • The challenges of deploying metadata between Summer '16 and Winter '17 orgs

    Andrew Hunter on October 12th 2016

    A few weeks ago, we began to see deployment failures occurring for users using organizations on the new Winter ‘17 API. Salesforce has introduced a lot of changes in Winter ‘17, and has made it so that the older Summer ‘16 metadata API tries to return the metadata in the older format.

    In the past, we’ve been able to wait until a new version of Salesforce goes to general release before updating the API version used by Gearset, because the metadata changes have been minor and are usually available even when using the older API. The Winter ‘17 update has not been so smooth for us.

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  • What is Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder?

    Kevin Boyle on April 24th 2015

    We all know that Salesforce is an innovative company, and they're always improving the Salesforce1 platform. But it seems they've recently picked up the pace with everything that's coming under the Salesforce1 Lightning banner. One of the simplest additions, but one that could have a big impact on your daily workflow, is Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder.

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