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"Having Gearset as an asset drives quality release management by lowering the barrier for our resources to execute complex deployments."

Chad Kelly
Director of Technical Architecture

Simplifying Salesforce release management for everyone

“Being able to quantify the time saving - what used to take 8 hours, now takes less than an hour with Gearset - that’s huge, and it really speaks for itself. The customer service has been fantastic. The overall experience has been resoundingly positive.”

Nadia Maynard, Program Manager, Sutter Health

“The UI is slick. It’s clean, simple, and really easy to connect to your orgs. It’s very clear what you’re trying to do, and the UI makes it easy. You don’t have to hunt and peck for things. It’s nice to be able to find a tool that works really well across all the roles.”

Julie Zaretsky, Lead Software Engineer, Xaxis

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