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"Gearset is way ahead of the game. It allows us to find differences in our environments, gather them quickly, and work with the developers in version control to get them rapidly deployed."

Nghi Lam | Salesforce Analyst | Cisco Meraki
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CI job runs


CI job runs


Founded in 2006, Cisco Meraki has grown to become an industry leader in the IT space, with over 200,000 customers and more than one million active networks around the world. Its comprehensive set of solutions includes wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, and security cameras - all managed through Meraki's web-based dashboard interface. This allows its customers to seize new business opportunities and reduce operational costs.


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Cisco Meraki uses Gearset to bring version control and CI to their Salesforce DevOps

Cisco Meraki has three Salesforce development teams supporting over 1,200 end users across the business. The teams initially used change sets, the first-party deployment tool, to move metadata between sandboxes and production. But with increasingly complex projects and three teams working across multiple sandboxes in weekly sprints, they began to run into issues.

Manually tracking changes was slow and error-prone. Developers working in parallel across developer and staging sandboxes meant that work was being overwritten all too easily. Testing was difficult. And there was a general lack of visibility into the changes being made and what the state of each org was at any point in time.

The team wanted to move beyond change sets, increase collaboration between teams, introduce version control, and remove error-prone manual steps. Co-incidentally, their search for a new solution lined up with the biggest Salesforce event of the year: Dreamforce. When they saw a demo of Gearset, its usability immediately stood out.

"We evaluated all the tools on the market, including Salesforce DX, alongside Gearset. The usability of Gearset was one of the biggest reasons we chose it over the others. Gearset allows us to quickly find differences and work with our developers to get them deployed."

Cisco Meraki's devs and admins work together seamlessly thanks to Gearset

With Gearset, the team can compare their orgs, see the exact differences, and build deployment packages in a few clicks. Even better, this easy process is the same for deployments to and from version control. So the Cisco Meraki devs and admins were able to work together like never before, with everyone using GitHub.

Gearset has also helped Meraki to create a more automated process and to speed up their testing cycle, using continuous integration to manage deployments from version control to testing environments.

"Our developers commit the changes they want into a developer branch. I then move across changes such as custom fields into the branch using Gearset. We then do a second commit to a staging branch which is then auto-deployed to our staging environment using a CI job in Gearset."

Using Gearset, the team enjoy the flexibility to work in the way that suits them best, while also having a standardized process for releasing and tracking changes. This has increased visibility between the developers and admins - whose processes are typically disparate. As a result, the teams work together more effectively and deliver projects faster.

"Gearset allows me to collaborate with our developers and have greater visibility into the changes being moved across. There's now more flexibility for all of us to work the way we want. Developers can commit code and I can then test it automatically."

Cisco Meraki recommend Gearset

With more than ten thousand deployments under their belt and Gearset fully integrated into their development flow, would the Meraki team recommend Gearset to other Salesforce development teams?

"Yes, definitely! Gearset is way ahead of the game in terms of the features we want, and with the usability too. It allows us to find differences in our environments, gather them quickly, and work with the developers in version control to get them rapidly deployed."

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