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Gearset takes the pain out of Salesforce deployments

Neil Anderson on March 8th 2015

Salesforce is famed for its easy development model. “Point and click” has made developers of us all, but when it’s time to deliver changes to end users, we hit a stumbling block. Our world of speedy feature development disintegrates into change sets, environments, test coverage requirements, and change tracking. Suddenly, the reality of how our updates might affect the organization – the organization that real people are logging into every day to keep our business running – dawns on us. Everything slows down. The fun stops. The pressure is on.

In 2014 our parent company, Redgate, replaced its custom CRM solution with Salesforce. During the implementation it became clear that Salesforce is not just a CRM, it’s a platform – and it's huge. Companies all over the planet are moving their internal systems to Salesforce and banking on it to keep their businesses running. In November 2014 a team from Redgate started researching the Salesforce development experience. What did developers spend their time doing? What tools did they use? What did they love about the platform and what had them tearing their hair out? In total we spoke to 53 people, a mixture of consultants, internal development teams, well-known MVPs, and developers from large consultancies.

What did we learn? That people love Salesforce. They genuinely believe in the platform and love the productivity boost it brings them. They also love Dreamforce and, having attended Dreamforce 2014, so do we. However, there was a theme that occurred over and over again. The topic of deployment came up in almost every conversation. Why did everybody want to talk about deployment? Because it’s hard. In the Salesforce world where most things are fast, simple and effective, deployment stands out as the toughest task.

Deployment is tough because it represents the moment of truth for development teams – you’ve produced a new feature or simplified a complex process, and now it’s time to release it to the world. Deployment is tough because there are so many ways it can go wrong. A missing dependency, changes in the production organization, differences in profiles or insufficient test coverage can all scupper an attempted deployment, resulting in delays, missed deadlines, and late nights for the development team. Redgate has a long and successful history with deployment, having tackled the issue for SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. Focusing on trying to improve Salesforce deployments was an obvious next step, and Gearset was born.

Gearset Deploy is our simple, quick, and accurate tool that enables you to have confidence when it comes to release day. Keep track of what’s changed, deploy just what you want as often as you need. With Gearset Deploy you can perform deployments more easily, more often, and with fewer errors than ever before. Give it a try and get in touch so we can work together to take the pain out of Salesforce deployments.

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