Fixing common Metadata API errors for more successful Salesforce deployments

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One of the most time-consuming frustrations you'll face as a Salesforce admin, developer, or architect are deployments that repeatedly fail. Whether it's a vague deployment error, missing dependencies, or API version mismatches, the Metadata API can be tricky — as anyone building on Salesforce soon finds out. That’s why at Gearset, we’ve spent the last 5 years building over 50 problem analyzers to find and fix the most common causes of failure, making Salesforce deployments successful the first time — bringing your deployment success rate from 50% to 90%.

In this webinar, Valerio Chang, Customer Support and Technician Team Lead at Gearset, covers:

- The key errors that Salesforce users encounter when they deploy using change sets

- A metadata migration demo

- What problem analyzers are as well as 5 examples.

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- Trouble understanding Salesforce deployment packages:

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About Gearset: We launched Gearset when we saw how lacklustre DevOps was preventing teams from taking full advantage of Salesforce. We’d experienced first-hand how Salesforce allowed anyone to become a Trailblazer and build amazing apps, but then left you stranded, with only change sets or complex command lines to get your work to users. Gearset makes DevOps on Salesforce as simple as everything else on Salesforce. Get full access to all of Gearset's features for free with a 30-day trial: