Our users love Gearset because of simplicity, support and speed

Our users love Gearset because of simplicity, support and speed

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Here at Gearset we value useful feedback from our users above everything else. We love hearing about all the ways Gearset has made people’s lives easier, and we also listen carefully to suggestions our customers have. Last year we partnered with G2, the biggest platform for peer-to-peer reviews of software. G2 is the place to go for reviews, ratings and comparisons of competing software and services, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

G2 is a trusted source of independent reviews

G2 is a review website where anyone can evaluate a software product or service they use, commenting on what they like best and what they dislike. They can give recommendations to others considering the product and explain the problems they have solved using it. Reviewers can also give ratings for various features of the product, which is useful for people who want to take a deeper look into how a product performs. G2 verifies that reviewers are users of the products they evaluate, so you can be sure the reviews are genuine.

The reviews on G2 help you to make intelligent and informed decisions about the products you choose. So if you want to know what’s so good about Gearset, don’t just take it from us – take it from our users!

The top 5 reasons why customers love Gearset

1. A clean user interface that’s easy to use

Over 80% of reviewers say Gearset’s ease of use is one of the best things about the app. One of our main goals is making sure our users have the best experience, and that the user interface is as simple and easy to understand as possible. Everything is intuitive, and nothing is hidden away.

Gearset also has full support for Git-based source control systems, allowing users to move metadata between repositories and orgs – all without leaving the user interface. With more and more teams using source control for Salesforce development, having one tool for all deployments is key.

“The UI is very clean and the UX makes it easy to learn how to use this powerful tool.”

Gearset's clean user interface for data backup history

2. Line-by-line comparisons and quick deployments

Gearset’s unique comparison tool is a favorite part of the app among Salesforce teams! With our line-by-line diff viewer, you’re able to pinpoint differences between environments, giving you full understanding and visibility of what’s going on. Side-by-side comparisons help our users see exactly what to include in their deployments, add any dependencies and make sure the deployment succeeds.

Anyone who has used Salesforce’s native change sets for deployments knows that it’s a painful and clunky process, and a massive drain on valuable time better spent on developing. Many G2 reviewers comment on the upgrade from change sets:

“We were previously using change sets and Gearset is infinitely better.”

“Goodbye clunky Salesforce change sets, hello breezy deployments!”

“The most obvious positive is the insane amount of time saved over using Salesforce standard change sets.”

You can read more about how Gearset compares to change sets here.

3. Automation and CI/CD

Another powerful feature of Gearset that users love is its seamless continuous integration. It’s easy to set up CI jobs, with no need for 3rd-party tools. Gearset allows your team to implement a smooth CI/CD process across multiple development branches and Salesforce environments. Our suite of DevOps tools also ensures that deployments are quick and simple. Users frequently attribute their new-found speed and success with deployments to the clear DevOps pipeline they’re able to develop with Gearset. This reviewer comments on how they have accelerated their release cadence using Gearset:

“Our development velocity almost doubled in the span of 6 months.”

Our users also enjoy automated change monitoring, giving them the ability to track any changes made to their production org.

4. Quick ramp-up

One of the key benefits of Gearset is how easy it is to get set up – getting familiar with the app, integrating your existing tools and running new deployments and automated jobs. This contrasts with other tools that typically take months to install and set up. There’s nothing to install with Gearset, so you can be up and running really quickly. One reviewer on G2 put it this way:

“The best thing about Gearset is the extremely short ramp-up time to make it an effective tool. Within a couple of hours, you will be up and running.”

5. Excellent customer support

Last but definitely not least, customers love Gearset’s excellent support. We always put our customers first, and do everything in our power to help. Our live chat support is a huge benefit to users, with an average response time of 3 minutes!

“One of the best things about Gearset is their support. They are a knowledge resource not only on the Gearset product, but also on Salesforce deployment.”

Gearset’s ratings

G2 gives users the chance to rate the product in overall terms of ease of use, quality of support and ease of setup – Gearset scores highly compared to the industry averages! You can also use the G2 compare function, which allows you to weigh up specific feature ratings, like automation and pipeline control, against competitors. Take a look at how Gearset performs against other DevOps tools.

Gearset scores highly compared to the industry averages for DevOps platforms

We’re acting on your feedback

As well as positive feedback, we love getting suggestions from our users, so we can continue to grow and improve our tools. We constantly monitor our feedback streams, including from G2 and our main feedback forum. The feedback forum is where users can make feature requests and vote for each other’s suggestions, so we know what to focus on. If there’s something you’d like to see in the app, why not add your own suggestion? We regularly update the Gearset app – usually 2 or 3 times daily – so, in many cases, we’ll have released small feature requests within just a few days!

A good example of a larger change we’ve made thanks to your feedback is improving comparison speeds for the metadata in large Salesforce orgs. Gearset is unique in the way it downloads and compares your metadata, which dramatically boosts your deployment success rate. The time it takes to run a deployment largely depends on Salesforce’s Metadata API. Over the past the year we’ve made some clever changes to speed up those comparisons.

What’s your opinion of Gearset?

We’d love to know what you think about the app! Do drop us a comment in the live chat on this page, leave a review on G2 or add your feedback to our feedback forum. And if you’re new to Gearset, you can try it out for yourself on a completely free 30-day trial.

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