Even better filtering of your Salesforce metadata

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One of Gearset’s best features is the ability to quickly see an overview of all the differences between two Salesforce orgs. However, if you’re comparing particularly big orgs, or preparing a complex deployment, the list of changes can grow quite large.

Earlier this year we expanded our support for these scenarios with advanced filtering queries. For most cases that was enough, but some users still found that they needed more control. This week we’re releasing an overhauled filtering engine which provides granular, per-column filtering to make it even easier to drill down to the changes you care about.

First things first: the standard global search filter is still present, and it’s still the quickest way to quickly search for an exact object name. For extra speed, you can hit Ctrl+Shift+F/Cmd+Shift+F to move your cursor straight to the search field.

If you want more control than that, select the column you want to filter on, and click on the new filter icon in the column header:

The new column filtering button

This will open the new column filtering dialog:

The new column filtering popup

From here, you can filter the column using either a free text search term, or by selecting the values that you want to include or exclude. For example, here I’ve filtered to only see changes made by salesforce.com:

Filtering for only changes by salesforce.com

The filtering icon will turn blue to indicate that you have a filter active on the column.

The free text filter supports the same not: and regex: prefixes that the main filter supports, so you can do things like exclude any object types to do with permissions:

Filtering for all object types except permissions

This feature suggestion came from our feedback forum, so if there’s anything you’d like to see added please let us know! You can also contact us directly by using the live chat or emailing us at [email protected].

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