Deployment notes are now automatically copied across when cloning or combining packages

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Deployment notes, alongside your deployment report, make it simple to see not only what changes were made to your Salesforce orgs, but why changes were made. Either compulsory or optional, deployment notes are essential for tracking every deployment your team makes, as well as ensuring your team can understand the reason behind them.

To make sure your team can easily keep providing the essential context of their Salesforce deployments, Gearset now copies across any deployment notes when you clone or combine deployment packages, so you don’t have to!

Auto-filling your deployment notes

Previously, if you wanted to carry across notes when combining/cloning packages, you’d have to manually copy the notes from each deployment report pdf. This would mean having to navigate screens away, taking time away from the most important bit - the deployment!

But now, Gearset saves you that hassle by auto-populating both the friendly name and deployment notes from any deployment package you’re cloning or combining, giving you more time to focus on actually building your new deployment.

What this looks like

When cloning a deployment package, before Gearset kicks off the process you’ll see the full name of the package you’re about to clone, and the friendly name (if you’ve used one) given to the deployment. After selecting your source and target orgs for the new package and following the usual Gearset deployment process, if you had any deployment notes attached to the original package, these will automatically appear for you on the pre-deployment summary screen before you deploy to the new target org.

When cloning a package, Gearset will copy across any notes as well as the friendly name.

For combined packages, the friendly names (if the deployments have one) are combined with “_” and the deployment notes are all added automatically to the pre-deployment summary page. The notes are separated into the individual deployment they came from, subtitled with their friendly name and deployment date. The screenshot below shows an example of what the auto-filled notes will look like when combining two deployment packages.

While combining multiple deployment packages, Gearset will automatically move the friendly names and any notes across for you.

If you want to add any new notes to your cloned package or combined deployment you can do so, and you’re also able to edit any of the auto-filled notes too!

Try it yourself today!

At Gearset, we’re always looking for ways to make the deployment process faster, more successful and easier to manage for our customers. By auto-filling deployment notes, Gearset helps your team effectively track what’s been deployed and why, freeing up more time for you to focus on the deployment at hand.

If you’ve yet to try out Gearset but think we can help your Salesforce release process, start your free 30-day trial today - no credit card information required, just login and get going!

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