Walkthrough: using Gearset to deploy changes from a production to a sandbox Salesforce organisation

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Prompted by a question on the Salesforce Stack Exchange, I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to use Gearset Deploy to manage migrating a Salesforce app from your production org to a sandbox.

Gearset Deploy is designed to allow you to quickly synchronize your Salesforce orgs, search for and select the changes you want to make. It’s all done through the UI, and it includes highlighted line-by-line differences and dependency analysis to increase your deployment success rate.

This post is a short walkthrough of how you would go about moving some changes or an app from production to sandbox.

  1. Go to app.gearset.com and click “Log in with Salesforce”. Log in using your existing Salesforce account credentials.

    Log into the app with your Salesforce credentials
  2. Allow Gearset the permissions to access your Salesforce account. Note that none of your login details are shared directly with Gearset; it all goes via the Salesforce platform.

    Authorize Gearset Deploy to access your Salesforce account
  3. In the Source organisation section of Gearset, enter your Production org username and select “Production organization” from the dropdown list. Hit “Authorize”. You’ll be prompted to log in and authorize Gearset to access your account. Once that’s done, you’ll see a little tick next to the account info on the main app page. Repeat for the Target organization section, entering your Sandbox org details and selecting “Sandbox organization”.

    Enter your production and sandbox org details and authorize account access
  4. Once both orgs are authorized, you’re ready to start the comparison by clicking “Compare now”.

    Click compare now to begin the comparison between your orgs
  5. You’ll be shown the results of the comparison, grouped by change type. Selecting an item shows the highlighted code changes in the lower half of the screen. Search or select the changes you wish to deploy to the Sandbox organization, and hit ‘Next’ to review your selection.

    View the results of the comparison and select the objects to deploy
  6. You’ll be shown a summary of the deployment changes, organized by type. When you’re ready to go, click “Deploy now”. Depending on the number of changes and your connection speed, this can take a few minutes.

    Review the summary of the changes and begin the deployment
  7. Deployment complete! If you want to view or share the details of this deployment with your team, a history of all previous deployments in your business is automatically saved and accessible through the “Deployment History” tab.

    Deployment complete! View the reports in the deployment history tab

If you do run into any problems which cause the deployment to fail, your target org will automatically be rolled back to the previous version and you’ll get a detailed report showing what caused the failure so you can quickly get things fixed.

Migrate to a sandbox from production with ease

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