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Easier filtering of Salesforce metadata

Harry Frankish on March 15th 2016

Having recently joined GearsetHQ, I’ve been handed small tasks to help me get familiar with the product. It’s not just to settle me in though - we have an ongoing commitment to responding to feedback and releasing even minor tweaks to improve the experience of our users. The latest example makes it easier to select metadata filters to apply to organization comparisons.

We’ve had feedback from users that there were irritating unnecessary steps they needed to go through to select their custom filter. There was also no indication which filter was selected outside of the pop up dialog.

Previous workflow

We’ve addressed this by replacing the “Customize comparison” link with a dropdown so it’s easy to see which filter will apply. You can select a new one quickly or customize the comparison as before:

New dropdown

We’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what else we can improve: [email protected]

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