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Keep a complete record of every change made with the new option for compulsory deployment notes

Ellis Toms on January 12th 2018

With a full deployment history, deployment notes and integration with Jira, Gearset already makes it simple to maintain a record of exactly what has changed across your Salesforce orgs and why.

Now team owners have the ability to make deployment notes compulsory, so you can easily meet your compliance needs around deployment tracking and ensure that any changes, and the reasons for those changes, are clearly recorded and understood.

How it works

To switch on this feature you must be the owner of your Gearset team. All you have to do to enable compulsory deployment notes is head to the account summary page in the app. Under Require deployment notes, click on the toggle to either enable or disable compulsory deployment notes and that’s it, you’re done!

Choose whether you want to enable or disable compulsory deployment notes

Once enabled, your team will have to include deployment notes on the pre-deployment summary page before any changes can be deployed, or before the deployment package can be validated and scheduled.

Your team will now need to include deployment notes before deploying any changes

The deployment notes will be saved alongside your deployments and visible in your deployment reports, which can be accessed from the Deployment history tab on the Deployments page. In just a few clicks you’ll have ensured that every deployment made in your Salesforce environments is tracked, so you know exactly what is changed and why.

As always, if you have any questions or comments then please don’t hesitate to send them our way! You can get in touch via the live in-app chat or through [email protected].

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