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The business case for DevOps

Ben Assirati on November 20th 2020

The overwhelming adoption of new technologies throughout every industry has introduced an inevitable necessity for businesses to find the best ways to not only avoid falling behind, but to pull ahead. A proven - and indeed necessary - way to achieve this success is to build a robust and rewarding DevOps plan.

DevOps, in simplified terms, is a set of processes designed to merge development and operations teams so they can work more efficiently, and deliver greater value. This integration provides a raft of benefits to the business, with some of the most significant listed below.

Gain value from DevOps

Business success

A central emphasis of DevOps is to provide teams with the ability to deliver and maintain their products to the highest standards. Their success can be quantified using a variety of metrics such as the frequency of releases, the quantity of bugs, and the recovery time in the event of a disruption.

At Gearset we’re proud of our strong engineering culture. One of our own software engineers has penned an extensive list describing how and why the benefits of an improved product delivery process are felt on a daily basis within our own team.

Many businesses find themselves having to constantly balance speed and quality with regards to their products. High-performing teams that employ a suitable DevOps strategy find themselves performing better in metrics including the ones listed above, as per the Google industry survey from 2019. You can read here to learn more about how adopting DevOps best practices can boost a business’ chances of success.

Customer satisfaction

A business is not just about the product - it’s also about the customer. Customer satisfaction acts as a form of litmus test; the better the product, the happier the customer.

This is achievable in numerous ways including those mentioned above. DevOps can help teams to minimize security risks, for example. DevSecOps is about baking security into the heart of business processes, reducing threats and providing both your team and your customers with a sense of reassurance.

Trust is both a metric of current business success and a currency deciding future business success. Customers buy into your business depending in large part on how much trust they have in your product. DevOps helps to grow that trust by allowing you to build a better product, release it more frequently, and provide security around it. One of the easiest ways to nurture that trust is to be transparent. Gearset, for example, has a page dedicated to our transparency, providing live figures for user deployments and assurances of our security measures.

DevOps is a relatively new concept to the Salesforce ecosystem with more and more teams realizing the incredible value it can yield. While not unique to the platform, it can play a significant role in achieving success; offering distinct advantages to the businesses who harness a suitable DevOps strategy.

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