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An alternative to Change Sets when using Salesforce Professional Edition

Kevin Boyle on October 24th 2016

For smaller teams and environments, Salesforce Professional Edition is a total no-brainer. It’s competitively priced, has an amazing feature set compared with the other CRMs in its price point and puts enterprise-level CRM in the hands of SMBs. In other words, it is absolutely best-in-class. For the sales team, that is…

It's a very different story for the developer, admin or consultant tasked with coming in and getting the environment configured. Salesforce Professional orgs don’t support Change Sets so there’s no out of the box way to conveniently move changes from one org to another. As a consequence of this limitation, the engineers implementing a project often need to do twice the work to make sure the changes don't affect production - first implementing the changes in a Developer Edition org, then repeating the process again for the Professional Edition org. A tedious and potentially error prone process to say the least.

Salesforce Professional Edition orgs do expose the Metadata API that tools like Gearset, MavensMate and the Migration Tool depend on. However, it’s disabled for most clients and only authorised partners that have passed security review and been vetted by Salesforce are granted access. Fortunately, Gearset meets all the requirements and so it has full access to the Metadata API.

This means you can have a simple and admin-friendly way to move changes between any two orgs including Developer Edition and Professional Edition. When you’re ready to move beyond the simple process, Gearset is there to help you with full support for source controlling your metadata, continuous integration and collaborative package building, and full history to help you stay compliant.

If you have a Salesforce Professional Edition org and need to either make a quick migration or are ready for release management best practices then you can try out our free 30 day trial by clicking here.

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