An undo button for Salesforce metadata: Rolling back production changes

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Much of the power of Salesforce comes from quickly being able to respond to the fast changing needs of business user needs by making small changes directly in production. #AwesomeAdmins and Trailblazers everywhere can implement user requests without waiting to go through a long development and release cycle.

With Gearset’s change monitoring you can be confident that any changes made directly in production will be easily picked up and captured in your regular development and staging environments ensuring that changes aren’t lost. After all, making changes directly in production is only great if they aren’t later overwritten by another well-meaning deployment!

As more and more Salesforce developers and admins have started to use Gearset’s change monitoring, we’ve received some surprising feedback - even in well managed orgs there was a lot more happening in production than the development teams or release managers knew about.

Some of those changes were great and are now captured in the development cycle through Gearset’s daily alerting. However, some of those changes were decidedly not so great! Gearset has provided admins and developers with an audit trail to be able to find out who made the change and when it was made so they could be chased, but our latest release takes that one step further.

You can now roll back any changes with one button.

Take, for example, this Salesforce org that I’ve had Gearset monitoring for the past few months. I can easily see when changes have occurred.

Each day, Gearset will snapshot your Salesforce org for audit and change tracking

And I can view the exact changes to the metadata that were made on that day. Here on the 29th of July I can see somebody added a picklist value, but what if I didn’t want that?

Each change monitor job shows the full metadata differences detected on a given day

With one button in Gearset we can begin the rollback, comparing a snapshot of the org to its current state to undo that change,. As with our deployment rollback feature you get the full intelligence of Gearset to help you successfully roll back your deployment including dependency and profile tracking of the changes you are trying to undo.

If there is a change you don't like, then one button kicks off the undo

We all know mistakes happen but for something as important as Salesforce we should take precautions as admins and developers to make sure that those mistakes can be dealt with quickly, confidently and simply.

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