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One of Gearset’s core strengths is its understanding of your metadata. If you’ve used Gearset before, you’ll have no doubt encountered one of our problem analyzers when deploying changes, offering to fix up a deployment package to help your deployment run successfully first time. In the latest release, we’ve made some changes to the problem analysis results to reduce clutter and improve the wording, making it more clear what changes each problem analyzer will make to your deployment package.

Reducing the clutter

We’ve worked on reducing the noise on the analysis results page, so you can clearly see which problems we’ve detected without being overwhelmed with information.

We’ve split problems out into three types - things to add, things to remove and things to change - to give you a high level overview of the type of issues the analyzers have detected. You can still drill down into the detail of each issue just like before, by expanding the problem heading to get a description of the issue, the solution and which items are affected.

Analysis results screen showing the new layout

Clearer information

As for the individual problem analysers themselves, we’ve split the text into a description of what the problem is, and what we’re going to do to fix it. As well as aesthetic improvements to the analysis results page, we’ve also rewritten a large number of the problems being reported to add clarity. As a result, for each analyser the issue should be easier to understand, the reasoning behind the suggested fix should be more clear, and it should be more obvious what changes a fix will make to your deployment package. Hopefully these changes will help when you’re choosing which suggested fixes to accept.

Feedback welcome?

Finding a problem analyzer is unclear? Not sure what will happen if you accept the suggestion? Let us know on our feedback forum, or via the live chat!

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