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Give your Salesforce audit trail some context with deployment notes

Oli Lane on December 14th 2015

With its deployment history, Gearset Deploy already gives you a trail of what has been deployed into your Salesforce orgs and when. With the introduction of Insight, it can even do that for changes not made through Gearset. However, to get full use out of this trail of deployments you need to know the why, too.

Today we're introducing a new deployment notes feature which gives you the ability to record that context: when you make a deployment, you can now attach notes to it to document why a change was made. That context could help tremendously 6 months down the line when you're trying to work out what happened!

How it works

When making a deployment, you'll notice a new text box near the bottom of the deployment summary page:

Deployment notes text box

Simply type your notes into the box, and when you hit Deploy now or Validate deployment, your notes will be saved alongside your deployment. They'll be visible in your deployment report, which you can access from the Deployment history tab.

Deployment summary

Any questions or comments? Send them our way! We'd love to hear from you: [email protected].

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