Destructive changes are easy with Gearset Deploy

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In the productive world of Salesforce, deleting objects and fields can be a pain. Unsupported by change sets and difficult to master with the migration tool, the simple deletion of a few objects can bring seasoned admins to their knees. That doesn’t sound like the kind of Salesforce experience everyone hopes for.

With Gearset, making destructive changes is fast and easy: we treat them the same as any other org difference. They can be managed alongside your new and modified objects without altering your workflow. And just as with any other change, if you run into any problems, your changes are rolled back so you won’t be left with partially completed deployments.

Deploying destructive changes

After running a comparison between two orgs, switch to the Deleted objects tab.

View deleted objects in the <strong>Deleted objects</strong> tab

You’ll see line-by-line comparisons of all the metadata objects that are present in your target org but not in your source. Simply tick the box next to an object you want to delete, and that object will be deleted when you deploy.

Deploy destructive changes as easily as any other change

No hassle, no change of workflow, no shouting at your computer - just simple destructive changes and time for a celebratory cup of coffee. That sounds like a better workflow to us.

Find out more about simplifying Salesforce deployments in our new whitepaper - Simplifying Salesforce release management.

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