Deploying feature branches of your Salesforce metadata

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Our support for GitLab and GitHub has provided flexibility for people to use their existing source control solutions to compare and easily migrate Salesforce metadata changes.

There has been one additional feature that’s been missing from our initial support of the source control story, and that’s been providing the ability to compare Salesforce metadata from a specific branch within a repository, often implemented when using a feature Branch flow.

The good news - branch support is now available for GitHub and GitLab, and it’s very easy to get started.

Using source control in Gearset to compare Salesforce metadata

**Step 1:** Connect to a GitHub or GitLab account
If you're new to Gearset and want to use either GitHub or GitLab to compare your metadata, the very first step is to connect your account(s).

Simply visit the “Manage linked services” section from within the manage orgs tab and connect to either git service, complete the account authorization process and you’re all good to go!

Link your GitHub or GitLab accounts
**Step 2:** Choosing the branch to compare your Salesforce metadata against
When configuring a comparison, simply pick the source control option, pick the account you want to use and finally the repository and branch you're looking for.

The only thing left to do is specify the target organization and you can begin comparing the metadata between your source controlled metadata and Salesforce org in preparation for deploying your latest metadata changes.

Choose the main repo and feature branch from GitHub or GitLab

Gearset integrates with every Git based version control provider, making it easy for every team to use source control in their Salesforce release cycle! Try it for yourself with a 30-day free trial of Gearset!

Or, if you’re unsure of how to begin with source control, start off with our free whitepaper version control for Salesforce.

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