Webinar: Mastering CPQ deployments with Cloud Giants: live demo

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CPQ deployments can take hours and can be a real headache. Deepak Veera and Grant Mangum from Cloud Giants, have led dozens of CPQ implementation projects. Grant and Deepak do a live demonstration of how they do CPQ deployments with and without a DevOps tool. This webinar is for you if you’re a Salesforce Architect, Manager, Admin, Developer, or CPQ Config Engineer.

In this webinar you’ll see:

- What the biggest CPQ deployment challenges are

- How to deploy CPQ without a DevOps tool

- What deploying with a DevOps tool looks like

Learn more:

- Gearset for CPQ: A how to guide to Salesforce CPQ deployments: https://gearset.com/blog/an-easier-way-to-deploy-salesforce-cpq-data/

- How Cloud Giants use Gearset for CPQ to halve their CPQ migration times: https://gearset.com/customer-stories/cloud-giants/

- Salesforce CPQ implementation best practices — ten tips for success: https://gearset.com/blog/salesforce-cpq-implementation/

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- Comparing and deploying CPQ configuration with source control: https://grst.co/47Kba2u

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- Webinar: Mastering CPQ deployments: https://grst.co/3t3MAdR

- How Cloud Giants solved Salesforce CPQ deployments with Gearset: https://grst.co/3uNWSiX

Get in touch with Cloud Giants:

- Get your free template from Cloud Giants: https://bit.ly/3Q6Fga2

- Deepak Veera’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepakveera/

- Grant Mangum’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grant-mangum-241554113/