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Want a free and easy way to automate your Salesforce unit tests?

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A screenshot showing a test run history for a unit test runner in Gearset

How it works

Create automated jobs

Create an automated test job for any of your Salesforce orgs and choose your notification preferences

Receive test notifications

Receive notifications of test failures via email, free SMS, Slack or Chatter integration. Choose what best suits you.

Debug test failures

Examine the results of test failures with error messages and full stack traces for easier debugging.

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Simple automated unit testing with Gearset

  • It's completely free!
  • Create automated unit tests for any of your Salesforce orgs
  • Full stack trace and error details for easier debugging
  • Email and free SMS notifications for failed tests
  • Code coverage metrics
  • Full history of test results and reporting
  • Slack and Chatter integration

Gearset free tier FAQs

Is the free tier really free?

Yes. It's completely free and unrestricted. Create as many automated test jobs for as many of your Salesforce orgs as you wish.

How do I get started with the free tier?

Simply sign up for a free trial of Gearset. You’ll immediately be able to use the free tier, as well as a 30 day trial of the Enterprise tier.

If you want to continue using the paid-for features of the app after 30 days, you can easily upgrade your account. If not, you can continue to use the free tier.

Does the free test runner work with all Salesforce org types?

Yes. You can set up automated unit testing jobs for development, sandbox and production orgs.

What other tiers are available in Gearset?

In addition to our free tier, we've also got Pro and Enterprise tiers for Gearset. Visit our pricing page for a full list of the features available in each tier.

I've got more questions, who do I contact?

We're happy to answer any other questions. The easiest way is to either email us at [email protected], or contact us via then in-app chat window.