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Simplifying Salesforce release management
A best-practice whitepaper

Managing deployments is generally considered one of the most difficult aspects of the Salesforce platform. Implemented correctly, release management supports successful deployments and streamlines how you work with your Salesforce orgs.

Understanding what good release management looks like can be daunting, especially as every business is different. That’s why Gearset has developed a best-practice model to explain how, and why, you should implement Salesforce release management in your business.

Gearset Deploy is the best tool I've seen for rapid deployment across multiple Salesforce organizations.

Seán O'Connor, Enterprise Architect EMEA, Salesforce
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Use the right tools

Choosing the right tool for your deployments will save you time and effort. Salesforce provides two tools to help you manage your org deployments – change sets and the migration tool.

Both tools have their benefits and limitations. Change sets works natively within Salesforce, but has limited power and doesn’t scale with large development teams. The tool’s command line interface is powerful but unforgiving for the inexperienced user and doesn’t allow easy org comparisons.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at the deployment tools on offer and compare them to what Gearset can offer.

Know what good looks like

Most businesses understand the benefits of release management, but few know how to tailor it to meet their needs. Over-engineering the solution can be as much of a problem as neglecting it.

The size and complexity of your development projects should guide the level of release management you employ. Done correctly, it will encourage best practice without stifling progress. Our model has been designed to scale with your business, so you get the right solution for you.

Understand Salesforce configurations

Planning the right org type for each stage of your release management process is crucial. Yet with so many options, it can be confusing even for seasoned Salesforce admins.

Have you ever wondered whether to use a partial copy sandbox or a full sandbox for integration testing? Not sure of the limitations of a full sandbox compared to a production environment?

In our whitepaper we look at which type of org is most suitable for the different stages of your releases – from development to testing to production – and how to achieve the best cost-feature balance for you.

See how Gearset can help

To do a good job, you need the right tools. Gearset Deploy was designed from the ground up to support each stage of your release management process.

Quick comparisons between orgs, a line-by-line diff viewer, object dependency analysis, and full deployment history make deployments a cinch.

Download the whitepaper and start understanding and improving your Salesforce release management process.

Download our release management whitepaper

Download the whitepaper