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Gearset Product Roadmap

We’ve split our development work into three broad categories: new features, feature enhancements, and deployment engine improvements.

New features

Major new functionality in the app which will create new use cases or substantially extend existing ones, fundamentally extending Gearset's ability to solve your problems.

Feature enhancements

Incremental additions and improvements to existing features and to the look, layout and functionality of the app, improving the way you use Gearset day-to-day.

Deployment engine improvements

Ongoing work to improve intelligence and efficacy of the underlying comparison and deployment engine that powers Gearset.


The Gearset 2018 roadmap

We practise what we preach, so we’ll be continually releasing these features, as the development tasks are completed. You can check out our release notes to see the features we’ve released recently, or you can check back to this page to see which items we’ve ticked off.

We’ll do our best to keep to this roadmap, but it’s still subject to change dependent on new information and user feedback, so please treat it as a bit of insight into where we’re heading rather than a concrete plan (and of course, please don’t base your decision to purchase on the contents of the roadmap!). On that note, if there’s anything you think we’re missing, then don’t hesitate to let us know about it via email, our feedback page, or the in-app chat.

Previous roadmaps

2017 Q3/Q4

New features
  • Data deployments (now in beta)
  • Salesforce DX scratch org support for comparisons and deployments
  • Jira integration
  • More granularity in choosing metadata to compare
  • Static code analysis
Feature enhancements
  • The comparison page should make it easy to understand your changes and build a deployment from them
    • Add more bespoke diff viewers for different metadata types
    • Improve diff highlighting in the XML and code diff viewers
  • It should be easy to track the movement of deployments through your environments
    • Persist friendly names between environments
    • Improve the way we view and deploy validated packages
    • View deployment and validation failures as well as successful ones
  • You should have more fine-grained control over when jobs run, and how frequently
    • Add support for running on specific days of the week and at specific times
    • Make first-run time configurable
    • Support pausing / resuming recurring jobs
  • Gearset’s reports and notifications should take you directly to the information you need
    • Include metadata changes in pre-deployment summaries
    • Support for CruiseControl notifications of test runs
    • Include test results in post-deployment summaries
    • Ensure each report email links directly to the relevant job details
  • You should be able to see the status of any long-running, ongoing tasks
    • Add live status reporting and manual run button to CI jobs
    • Live status reporting of in-progress validations and deployments
  • It should be easy to keep VCS in sync with your orgs
    • Add the ability to clone changes from a change monitoring result
    • Add support for more VCS providers and extend features around already-supported VCS providers
    • Create source control branches from within Gearset
    • Configure VCS providers as the target for CI jobs
  • It should be easy to back up your org metadata
    • Create snapshots of org metadata on-demand through change monitoring jobs
    • Download snapshots and store them offline as a backup
    • Use snapshots to restore your org to a previous state
  • You should be able to manage your team and subscription with a self-service UI
Deployment engine improvements

Along with new features and improvements to existing features, we’ll be extending our comparison and deployment engine to identify more dependency types, and to catch more deployment problems that ever before. At the time of writing, we already catch 25 different types of deployment problem and track 30 types of metadata dependency, each of which could avert a potentially frustrating deployment failure. These are harder to list up-front - we spend roughly 20% of our development time adding to these, based on deployment and validation failures we see in the field, and of course, based on feedback from our users. We’ll continue to do the same over the coming months.


The Gearset 2016/2017 roadmap


Our first year of development yielded so many new features we struggled to list them all! Here are a few of the most popular requests:

  • Test automation
  • Org change monitoring
  • Deployment rollback
  • Integration with hosted VCS
  • Deployment scheduling
  • Clone inbound deployments
  • Team collaboration

We've kept our previous roadmap up so you can see how the features were delivered. A few features got pushed back into the current roadmap as we responded to our user feedback and priorities.

The 2015/2016 Gearset roadmap