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Gearset Product Roadmap

We’ve split our development work into three broad categories: new features, feature enhancements, and deployment engine improvements.

New features

Major new functionality in the app which will create new use cases or substantially extend existing ones, fundamentally extending Gearset's ability to solve your problems.

Feature enhancements

Incremental additions and improvements to existing features and to the look, layout and functionality of the app, improving the way you use Gearset day-to-day.

Deployment engine improvements

Ongoing work to improve intelligence and efficacy of the underlying comparison and deployment engine that powers Gearset.

Roadmap 2019


Data backup

Data loader



Restore single records, preserving relationships

More improvements for deploying CPQ config data

Improve performance of grid for very large org comparisons

Add support for multiple DevHub orgs per Gearset team

Add more data masking types for sandbox seeding

Add automated validations for Pull Requests, and pipe status check back to source control provider

Show advanced statistics on rate of record change

Add v47 Metadata API support

Improve handover of CI and automated jobs after departure of team member

Allow users to delete any records in their backup history for their own GDPR compliance

Increase the limit for records deployed during sandbox seeding

Add v48 Metadata API support

Create Pull Requests within Gearset for main Git hosting platforms


Data backup



We've been working on a brand new approach to backup, built on top of the same unique technology that powers Gearset's metadata comparisons.

Improved support for deploying Layouts when conflicts occur in the source and target

Directly deploy existing package to org, without comparing

A backup is only as good as your ability to restore from it. By combining our unparalleled understanding of your metadata with our intelligent data loader, we're building a backup solution that you can rely on in a crisis.

v46 metadata API support

Additional ALM integrations

Enabling unlocked package workflows for admins

Run now for unit testing jobs






Improvements to navigating comparisons when there are more than 25,000 components

Increase the number of records that can be deployed

Surface dependencies in the diff viewer

Azure DevOps support for issue tracking

Data masking

Static code analysis visualizations

Update Jira ticket status on deployment

Share a read-only view of your comparison with Gearset’s Customer Success team

Improve deployments of second-generation packaging

Shows Changed On and Changed By for components from source control

Hide managed subcomponents of non-managed objects






Improve loading of draft performance

Deployment history

Updated version of the underlying engine behind static code analysis

Support SSH public keys for git

Improvements to CPQ deployment

Full information for Changed On and Changed By for components from Salesforce

Test suites when running a deployment

Improvements to common managed packages e.g. FinancialForce

Support Lightning Web Components

Create PR from within Gearset

Filtering for data deployments to constrict which data is copied

Export static code analysis rule sets

Ability to control which problem analyzers run during CI


New features


Deployment engine

Data deployment templates

Improved unlocked package support

New metadata types and objects

DX JSON data deployment support

New progress UI for better visbility into CI jobs

API version 45

CI to scratch org

Multiple team owners

New dependencies and problem analyzers


New features


Deployment engine

Scratch org definition UI

Improved XML and whitespace formatting for git

New dependencies and problem analyzers

Browser notifications for long running operations

Webhooks for all supported VCS providers

Metadata types and objects including EinsteinBot

Combine multiple deploy packages in clone

Improved problem analysis results page

API version 44


New features


Deployment engine

Release data loader

Improved handling of permissions when deploying to git

Dependency tracking for Apex classes and triggers

Outgoing webhooks

Bitbucket Server integration

Better metadata API version detection for git-based metadata

Regex metadata include/exclude filters

PMD 6.3.0

New metadata types and objects including PlatformCachePartition

Better error reporting and performance for monitoring jobs

API version 43

Improved filtering in data loader and jira


New features


Deployment engine

SFDX folder structure

Improved Jira integration, with self-hosting

API version 42

Scratch orgs in data loader

Improved data loader filtering and upsert

New metadata types and objects

Validation only CI jobs

Static code analyis throughout the app

Dependency tracking for Flows

Permission explorer