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Free automated unit tests for Salesforce

Schedule when your tests are run and track code coverage changes

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Create and schedule your unit testing jobs

Create an automated test job for any of your Salesforce orgs. Choose a time for your tests to run, your desired level of code coverage and specify tests that you wish to run.

Daily summary of your automated unit tests

Gearset provides a daily summary for every automated unit testing job running, which includes testing outcome and code coverage changes.

Full history of all tests

See a full history of every test monitoring job, view the results of each test run and export your results as an CSV file.

Debug test failures

Examine the results of test failures with Salesforce error messages and full stack traces for easier debugging.

Automated unit testing FAQs

Simply sign up for a free trial of Gearset. You’ll immediately be able to use the free tier, as well as a 30 day trial of the entire app.

If you want to continue using the paid-for features of the app after 30 days, you can easily upgrade your account. If not, you can continue to use the free tier.

After signing up for your free trial, log in to Gearset and head to the Unit testing jobs page. Click `Add new job` and configure the general settings and notification preferences. Save your test job and you’re done!

Yes. You can set up automated unit testing jobs for development, sandbox and production orgs.

In addition to our free tier, we've also got Pro and Enterprise tiers for Gearset, as well as additional data deployment, data compliance, and data backup tools. Visit our pricing page for a full list of the features and tools available.

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