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Compare and deploy metadata from any location

Compare environments and deploy metadata between Salesforce orgs, source control repositories, and Salesforce DX scratch orgs.

Compare and deploy to any Salesforce org type

Gearset has full support for developer, sandbox and production Salesforce orgs. You don't even have to install anything in your orgs.

Native source control support

Compare and deploy to any Git-based source control system. Compare metadata in a specific branch to a Salesforce org or even from folders on disk.

Granular detection and display of metadata differences

Easily visualize and understand the exact differences in your metadata.

View line-by-line differences in your metadata

Easily identify new, changed or deleted objects between your source and target environments with Gearset's detailed line-by-line diff viewer.

View differences by data type

Gearset doesn't just show XML differences. It displays differences in the way you need, with specific rendering for images, picklists, CSS, JavaScript and Apex code.

Screenshots: XML Picklist Apex CSS Images

Deployment history, rollback and package cloning

For every deployment performed with Gearset, you can view the full deployment report, rollback unwanted changes and clone existing deployment packages.

Deployment history and reporting

Keep a complete deployment history for every Salesforce org with no data retention limits. Download automatically generated pdf reports for every deployment, as well as the deployment package.

Clone packages and roll back changes

Easily revert any unwanted changes made by any deployment from the saved history, or clone an existing deployment package and apply those automatically pre-configured changes to other Salesforce organizations.

Analyze your Apex code before you deploy

Gearset's static code analysis automatically checks your Apex code before every deployment to detect bugs and warn you of falling code quality.

Customize individual rules

Enable or disable specific static code analysis rules as well as customize warning levels for specific rules.

Exclude packages and classes

Focus on the code you care about by specifying paths to exclude from the analysis.

Automated for simplicity

Gearset automatically checks any Apex code included in your deployment package to warn you of issues.

Deploy your metadata and data to Salesforce DX scratch orgs

Create scratch orgs, deploy your metadata to build the org structure, and then populate them with data for an Agile release process with Gearset.

Create scratch orgs in the UI

Don't like using a command line? Instantly create scratch orgs in Gearset with the click of a button.

Immediately integrate with your testing process

Configure and generate data samples for testing purposes using your scratch orgs as the source or target.

Deployment features for complete end-to-end release management

Schedule your deployments

Avoid late nights by automating and scheduling when validated packages get deployed. Find out more...

Clone deployment packages

Stop having to recreate the same change set by simply cloning an existing deployment package to re-use on a different target environment. Find out more...

Continuous integration

Remove the need for Jenkins and create a streamlined CI process using just Gearset to migrate metadata between your Salesforce orgs and source control repositories. Find out more...

Custom comparison filters

Compare and review only the changes between the specific metadata types that you are interested in for easier analysis and faster comparisons. Find out more...

Deploy detected changes

Gearset's metadata change monitoring enables you to deploy detected changes to other orgs to ensure a synchronized environment. Find out more...

Deployment problem analyzers

Prevent your deployments failing with Gearset's ability to find and fix problems like missing dependencies - before you try to deploy. Find out more...

Automated unit testing

Receive daily alerts when your unit tests begin to fail, help prevent deployment failures, and stop falling code coverage by automating your Apex unit testing process. Find out more...

Save draft deployments

Iteratively build and share deployment packages with your team to review and edit before deciding to deploy. Find out more...

Custom notifications

Always be up-to-date with notifications via email, SMS as well as integration support for your own Slack channels, Microsoft Teams, Chatter and more.

Data deployments

Configure and populate your sandboxes with consistent and realistic production data samples for testing and debugging purposes. Find out more...

Jira integration

Integrate with your hosted or on-premise Jira setup for a more mature ALM process across your Salesforce environments. Find out more...

Release management for teams

Delegate Salesforce org access, share deployment history, collaborate on building deployments, and manage your team account using Gearset. Find out more...

Deployment FAQs

No. Gearset uses secure OAuth to enable connections to your Salesforce orgs. There's nothing to install in your orgs, and Gearset doesn't have access to or store your credentials.

We support all Git based providers, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, AWS CodeCommit, VSTS, and GitLab.

Yes. We support on-premises Git setups (e.g. Stash and GitHub Enterprise). You can find out more about the requirements in our support guide.

You can link to as many of your Salesforce orgs as you require.

We can compare and deploy any Salesforce metadata that's supported by the Salesforce metadata API.

Yes. You can compare and deploy to scratch orgs or DX repositories within Gearset. You can even create your own scratch orgs with the click of a button.

Yes. Every deployment you perform via Gearset is saved so you have a complete audit history of every change made to your Salesforce orgs.

You can find the details on Gearset's pricing page.

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