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Simple set up and granular control for a powerful CI process

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Ingeniously simple continuous integration

Easy set up, source control integration and granular control over your CI jobs means you no longer have to rely on complex alternatives like Jenkins.

Source control integration

Full source control integration to easily deploy between any Salesforce org(s) and source control system, in any direction.

Set up in a few clicks

With Gearset's native CI, your team can set up and kick off a CI job in one place and avoid the need to use additional 3rd party tools.

Deploy only the metadata you're interested in

Gearset gives you full control over what you deploy with custom metadata filters and configurable CI settings.

Custom metadata filters

Choose which metadata types to deploy with custom filters that can be created and shared with your team. Specify which changes to deploy, including only new items, changed items or deleted items for highly customized CI jobs.

Add managed packages

Include all of your managed packages or choose specific packages to include in your CI jobs.

Keep up-to-date with every change made

View and download the deployment summary report and file for every CI job ever run.

View every change

See a full history of every change made with automatically generated deployment reports for every CI job. View them within your job history or download them as PDFs.

Download your

Gearset dynamically creates package files for each deployment. Download the ZIP for a record of exactly what was deployed in any job run.

Experience the fastest way to create a CI process for Salesforce

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Complete CI history

See the complete history of all your CI jobs and download detailed deployment reports.

Create validation only CI jobs

Run validation-only CI jobs to continuously check your tests are passing.

Built-in static code analysis

Automated Apex code analysis is run during CI jobs to catch bugs early and ensure high code quality.

Deploy specific metadata types

Include and exclude specific metadata types and managed packages for every CI job you create.

Custom notifications of deployments

View the results and receive alerts as to the outcome of a CI job via email, text or through Slack channels, Microsoft Teams updates and Chatter integration.

Only deploy specific difference types

Configure your CI job to deploy any combination of new, changed or deleted items.

Continuous integration FAQs

You can choose any combination of Salesforce orgs or source control repositories as either the source or target of your metadata.

With Gearset's CI feature there's no need for Jenkins. Gearset's built-in automation engine removes the need for other 3rd-party tools.

Yes! Gearset supports all Git based providers as standard - even if it's on-premises.

CI jobs can be triggered by commits to source control via webhooks or on a scheduled basis for hosted Git providers. CI jobs are run at 4 hour intervals for on-premises configurations.

Yes. Gearset's CI functionality is highly configurable with the ability to specify the types of changes to include (i.e. any combination of new, changed or deleted), as well as the metadata types to include.

You can use specially created CI filters of your own to ensure that only the metadata you want to be included is ever deployed.

Gearset keeps a complete history of all changes made by any CI job(s). You can also download the automatically generated PDF deployment reports as well as the deployment package for a complete audit trail.

Yes. Validation-only CI jobs will run your tests and confirm your metadata is valid, but won't deploy any changes to the target environment.

Gearset follows Salesforce's default and automatically rolls back your org to its previous state before any changes were attempted. Gearset also provides a complete list of the validation errors that caused your CI job to fail.

Yes. You can enable and pause any CI jobs that you have created. You can also kick off a CI job on demand if required.

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