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Take the complexity out of your release management

With change monitoring, deployment reports, team permissions, easy deployments and more - it's time to take control of your Salesforce release management.

Gearset Deploy is the best tool I've seen for rapid deployment across multiple Salesforce organizations.

Seán O'Connor, Enterprise Architect EMEA, Salesforce

Configure comparisons

Compare live Salesforce orgs

Quickly compare any two Salesforce orgs and focus on the metadata you're interested in

Compare source control repos and local files

Gearset supports any git-based source control system. Compare from a specific branch in your source control system to a Salesforce org or from folders on disk.

Customize metadata type comparisons

Save your own customized comparisons for repeated use and faster comparisons

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Automated testing

Free automated unit testing

Create automated jobs to run tests on any of your Salesforce orgs - for free!

Debug failed tests

View detailed error messages and stack trace information for easier debugging of failed tests

Track code coverage

Keep a complete history of code coverage change metrics for each of your orgs

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NEW: Team collaboration, delegated access and permissions

Have complete control of every change in your Salesforce environment

Control access

Set team permission levels for each org and delegate access to Salesforce orgs

Collaborate on creating deployments

Collaborate on building, validating packages and deploying changes to your Salesforce orgs

Shared history and automation

Shared deployment history across team members. View team automated unit testing and change monitoring jobs

Monitor for metadata changes

Automate change monitoring

Detect unexpected changes in production with a recurring monitoring job. Never overwrite a production hotfix again

Keep a complete history of changes

The results of monitoring jobs are automatically saved, enabling you to keep a complete audit trail of changes

Rollback detected changes

Undo any changes caused by a deployment. View and rollback any unwanted metadata changes that are detected - at the object level

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Schedule and deploy validated packages

Instant deployment

Deploy any existing validated package you've created with 1-click

Schedule your deployments

Simplify your releases by scheduling a day and time to automatically deploy a validated package

Download and share

Keep a complete history of validated packages, or download and share them with your team

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Pre-deployment problem analyzer

Prevent deployment failures

The unique problem analysis feature in Gearset automatically detects and can fix known problems that cause deployments to fail

Automatically fix common deployment problems

Gearset can automatically identify and fix known causes of deployment failures such as missing dependencies, API version compatibility conflicts, missing deletions, history tracking settings, and more

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Continuous integration

Quickly implement your own CI process

Implement a mature application release management process for all of your Salesforce orgs in a few clicks.

Create a reliable release pipeline

Reduce the chance of human-error and speed up release cycles by avoiding duplication of work and conflicts.

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Screenshots: XML Picklist Apex CSS Images

Diff viewer

View line-by-line differences

Detailed line-by-line diff viewer for comparing source and target org differences. Easily identify new, changed or deleted objects between your source and target.

View differences by data type

Gearset doesn't just show XML differences. It displays differences in the way you need, with support for images, picklists, CSS, JavaScript and Apex code support.

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Deployment history with rollback and cloning

Complete deployment history

A complete deployment history for every Salesforce org. Download automatically generated pdf reports for every deployment, as well as the deployment package

Rollback changes from your deployment history

Easily revert any unwanted changes made by any deployment from the saved history

Clone inbound change sets

Clone an existing deployment package and apply those automatically pre-configured changes to other Salesforce organizations

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Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud

Access anywhere

Gearset is a 100% SaaS based offering

Flexible pricing

You can choose to pay monthly and cancel your subscription at any time


Connect safely to your Salesforce orgs using OAuth

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