With great power comes great responsibility: team owners can now manage team members' automation jobs

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Until recently only the person who created a CI, change monitor or test monitor job could edit, disable or delete it. This was fine most of the time but what if that person was on vacation for two weeks and their CI job needed to be paused or edited? Or you want to add your team’s email address to the notification settings of every change monitoring job? As a team owner you wouldn’t be able to do these things, instead you’d have to reach out to us to help you make these changes.

But now, to help with these types of scenario we’ve added extra powers to team owners, giving them greater control and flexibility over managing their team’s automation jobs.

Make changes to your team member’s automation jobs

As a team owner you can now edit, disable/enable or even delete a team member’s CI, change monitoring or test monitoring job. You no longer need to wait for someone to come back from vacation to make changes - you’ll be able to disable a CI job and update the custom metadata filters or notification settings for a series of jobs yourself, making managing automation jobs much faster for busy team owners.

Try it now!

We hope you find it useful to be able to take more control of your team’s automation jobs. If we’re missing something you’d like to see, then add a suggestion to our feedback forum or send us your feedback at [email protected]!

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