Source controlling Salesforce Metadata with GitLab

Source controlling Salesforce Metadata with GitLab

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Source controlling any software project has many advantages, particularly around audit and traceability, and Salesforce is no different. Using a version control system such as git for your Apex, VisualForce, or metadata helps developers and admins collaborate and understand what everyone is working on.

Gearset has supported source control via GitHub since September 2015 and based on user feedback, we’ve now released support for GitLab.

Gearset users requested GitLab support.

Connecting GitLab to Gearset

GitLab provides private cloud-based git repositories for free. Each repository comes as part of a project with issue tracking, pull requests, and all the bells and whistles if you need them. GitLab is supported in Gearset as a first-class citizen using the same secure OAuth flow that we use to link to your Salesforce orgs.

To connect to your GitLab repo, simply click on the Manage Orgs link in the nav bar:

Linking to GitLab from Manage Orgs

Click the ‘Connect to GitLab’ link and follow the instructions to authorize your account. Once completed your GitLab connection will appear in the ‘Linked services’ list.

Gearset linked to GitLab

Now that GitLab has been linked to Gearset, it’s easy to start a comparison between metadata that you have source controlled in your git repository and any developer, sandbox or even production Salesforce org.

Using GitLab to compare Salesforce metadata

To start comparing your orgs directly from GitLab, get started with your free 30-day trial now, and start simplifying your Salesforce release management today. If you’d like to learn more about version control best practices and get practical advice for implementing version control in your business then download our free whitepaper.

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