Sharing your Salesforce deployment history using the team features in Gearset

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Coordinating with team members to manage releases to your Salesforce environments can be one of the biggest challenges when attempting to create a robust deployment process. Clear communication to ensure everybody on the team knows who’s doing what can be particularly tricky.

Not being able to easily see what changes have been made to production, when, and by whom can have serious consequences, the most common being accidentally overwriting a colleague’s changes.

That’s where the team features of Gearset can come to your rescue.

Sharing Salesforce deployment activity with your team using Gearset

Adding team members to your Gearset account only takes a few steps, and it enables your entire team to share in-progress deployments and deployment histories. By working under the same team you'll have a single history of each change made to your orgs via Gearset. When combined with Gearset's change monitoring, every single change to your orgs will be recorded in one place. You can say goodbye to wasting valuable time checking the current state of your Salesforce orgs, or delaying a planned release by first having to track down what was changed by a previous deployment on any given date.

To add team members to your Gearset account, simply visit the Account page in the app. If a team member has previously logged into Gearset, just enter their Salesforce or Google username and press the ‘Add team member’ button.

Add a team member to Gearset

Your teammate will be automatically sent a link to confirm they've been added. Next time they log in, they can visit the 'Deployments' section in Gearset to view the team's deployment history, including PDF reports and packages containing the actual metadata changes that were deployed. They'll also be able to see and share org monitoring jobs.

View the deployment history of team members

Adding team members in Gearset also makes it easy to administer your licenses.

The future of team features in Gearset

Shared deployment histories and saved draft deployments are just the first steps towards full-fledged team collaboration in Gearset. Check out our roadmap see how we're planning to extend these features further in the coming months.

To benefit from our team support features and all the other features of Gearset that come together to give you and your team ingeniously simple deployments, try our free 30-day trial.

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