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A sneak peek at the cloud edition of Gearset Deploy

Stephen Chambers on June 15th 2015

We’ve been receiving lots of emails asking about the potential availability of a hosted version of Gearset Deploy – whether it’s on our roadmap, when might it be available, and what additional features might be included. We thought we’d answer all those questions in one go, and also share some of the designs we’re working on!

Is there a cloud version of Gearset Deploy? If so, when will it be available?

Yes! Gearset Deploy has been built from the start with the cloud in its DNA, and our cloud preview is just around the corner. We’re working hard on it right now and are aiming to launch in July. There’s not long to go now!

Even better - it will be completely free to try out for 60 days after its initial release.

What can I expect from the cloud version?

It’ll be really easy to get started

You can simply sign up using your Salesforce credentials. There’s no lengthy registration process and no hoops to jump through.

View, edit, add, and remove connections to your Salesforce organizations

The easiest way to connect to all your Salesforce organizations in Gearset Deploy is with the Salesforce authentication feature. Alternatively, you can log in with a username and password.

In order to manage the connections to your Salesforce organizations, we’ll be providing a simple way of viewing, removing, and editing credentials for any of the organizations you’ve connected to, using the new management feature:

Managing orgs is easy

If you need to update the password for an existing connection, for example, you can simply click the edit icon for that organization, update the password, and click Save.

Updating saved credentials is simple

Viewing your Salesforce deployment history

Keeping track of your deployments and the changes made can provide a useful audit trail for anyone working with Salesforce. For some, it means they can take a day off and not worry about things being changed without them knowing.

We’re adding a new deployment history feature, meaning we’ll automatically save a record of each deployment, along with a timestamp of when the deployment occurred. We’ll also provide a downloadable PDF report detailing the specific changes that were made as a result of the deployment.

It's easy to track what changed over the course of a project

Choose Salesforce organizations to compare, and customize your comparison

Once you’ve added connections to your Salesforce organizations, it’s a simple matter of selecting the source and target from the list before comparing.

If you want, you can customize your comparison to include only certain metadata types. Not only will this speed up comparison, it’ll also mean fewer differences are returned in the results, making deployment simpler.

Choose from any of your orgs

View differences, filter results, and select objects to deploy

Gearset Deploy makes it very easy to inspect object differences and select the objects you want to include in your deployment. You can also easily filter the list of results and switch between the different categories of differences.

It’s also simple to export the results of your comparison to Excel for record keeping, further analysis, or to share with colleagues.

All of the same filtering, comparing and exporting works

Go and relax with the time you’ve saved

Simplifying the comparison and Salesforce deployment process will free up some time for you to relax and stop for a cup of your favourite beverage.

You’ll have to make that yourself. We’re not that good.

All of the same filtering, comparing and exporting works

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